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Real Winter Again and People Coming Over

I’ll start with last night, when one side of the temporary crown put back on my tooth Thursday broke off. I believe a tiny corner of it had broken off the night before as well, but I wasn’t sure then. Not that it’s unexpected, since I believe it first broke when the dentist put it back on Thursday, as I heard a crack and she had a little annoyed reaction and pulled it back out to work on it a little before putting it back in again, after which that side felt different than it had before. So I guess she tried to glue it back together, or simply make the parts stick to the tooth even if they’re no longer a single piece. But I’m guessing it’s not much of a problem right now, even if there was nobody there to ask now that it’s the weekend.

Still yesterday, but in the afternoon, I actually ran again. Was the one day when it was possible, sunny, basically no wind and reported highs only a couple of degrees below freezing among all the other days with even quite a lot of wind and much lower highs. Of course, there was still the matter of the snow, but the path around the lake was cleared quite well, with just a thin layer left, which was actually a good thing, as removing it all would have made a thin layer of ice likely to quickly form and be exposed, leading to a slippery path. As it was, it was fine, though the traction definitely was different, perhaps slightly more so because I used my old shoes, which have been pretty much falling apart for quite some time, as I didn’t want to possibly damage my running shoes. Had to learn how to step as I went along, slipping just a little, sticking just a little, making it harder, but I only really slipped once, when avoiding some other people, and managed not to fall even then. Plenty of people though, and a lot of children, plenty sliding down to the path, so there were places where you had to be careful to avoid them colliding with you.
The time was 38:25, with sector times of 5:04, 5:49, 6:41, 5:02, 5:45, 6:38 and 3:26, making for lap times of 17:34 and 17:25. Yes, that’s the slowest time yet on this route with the exception of the first roughly timed one and my ideal target was 10% slower than the record, so 37:10, but 38:30 is 10% slower than my regular target of 35:00, so I managed to stay within that time and can be quite pleased with it. I mean, while I was wondering whether to even attempt it, I was setting myself a conservative, worst-case target of 25% above the record, so 42:15, and as I started I was thinking I’ll do my best to at least stay under 40 minutes. But the weather was so nice, even feeling warmer than the previous few runs when the reported temperature was 5°C to 7°C, as then there were also some clouds and a bit of wind, so there were no problems from that point of view, I didn’t need to have my jacket on, forgot my gloves yet my hands didn’t freeze, and while climbing up that slope at the end with children sliding down it and then also going around the pavilion, where the snow hadn’t been cleared and I only had the footprints of others to help me make my way through, I managed. Only problem was something I noticed when I got back and saw that the corner of a toenail had dug into the toe next to it and there was plenty of blood, and that toe has actually been bothering me a fair bit since then.

And yes, that means we’ve finally been getting real winter around here, in the sense of plenty of snow and temperatures well below freezing, so weather that should be normal for probably two of the three months of calendar winter, and which used to be normal when I was little, but which has since become unusual, some past “winters” even completely lacking such periods. Of course, this leads to many people complaining about many things and many of them doing little else, as opposed to, say, getting to work to clear sidewalks and side roads and help those who have serious problems due to health reasons, but I definitely like it and consider the problems caused by it as entirely normal and something to accept and allow for during this time of year, the real problem being when winter isn’t really winter. Plus, it’s so pretty…

One problem I can’t quite deal with, on the other hand, is the fact that dad seems to now be using this place for his theater troupe’s rehearsals. Which is not to say that I have a problem with him getting involved in that, in fact quite the contrary, this being a very rare case of me actually appreciating something he does, since theater is something he’s been wanting to do pretty much all his life but, as far as I know, hadn’t since he was in college or doing military service or something like that. He did a little acting several years ago, a few advertisements and small episodic parts in, if I remember right, two television series, but theater was what he always wanted and it’s nice that he finally managed to get into this project and even end up leading one of the groups, especially since it really is something done out of passion and for its own sake, not for other benefits, of which, from what I know, there are none. It’s why people should be doing whatever it is they’re doing, and strikes me as even more interesting and beneficial when it’s someone usually reporting on and discussing economic and financial matters and with views shaped by that.
However, as I said, he recently started bringing the others here to rehearse in the living room. It happened when I went to pick up the new keyboard, LED fixture and light, and it was the reason why I went to all those different places on the same day, wanting to not be here while they were. Then it happened again last week, when I didn’t leave again, and then twice this week, Tuesday and Thursday. Should have been three times, but the plan for Wednesday got canceled as some said they couldn’t get here due to the weather. And now they didn’t even stick to the schedule, as Tuesday he said they should be leaving at 7:30 PM, I went out before they got here and did what I could to pretty much waste time while supposedly shopping, only getting a few things and otherwise wandering around a hypermarket and the surrounding stores to stay out as long as I could, got back at 8 PM and they were still here, and it was some time until they left.
Yes, they’re supposed to stay in the living room and the door is closed, but I’m very uncomfortable with people around either way it is, and there are plenty of them, he was saying up to about ten, and that makes for quite a number of trips to the bathroom, as I noticed when I was here, both last week and Thursday. And there are other things related to this that I may complain about as well, but this is the main one, that people, lots of people, now seem to keep coming over and I feel trapped and drained and panic because of it and need to make any schedule around that and apparently can’t even do that because they don’t even stick to the one he gives me, and even that maybe with barely even a day’s notice. And now, when I actually sort of like going out due to this weather, it may be marginally more manageable, but if it keeps happening it’ll only get worse and I just can’t deal with it, all right?

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Tooth Work and Finishing Torchlight

There would be more to say, but I’m also thinking of doing something else tomorrow and, since I’m quite obviously not going to manage to write a non-personal post this week, I’ll leave those parts for what will almost certainly be this week’s second personal post, which I just hope won’t become a Sunday update. So now I’m sticking to a quick one just mentioning the two things in the title, even if the tooth work isn’t actually finished, so I’ll only finally know how that actually turned out next week.

Went to the dentist both Monday and today, Monday to have that reconstructed tooth filed down, have the mold taken for the crown and have a temporary one put in, and today to have the metal crown tested and I guess another mold taken, before having the ceramic put on as well. Not that I had much of a clue what was happening or what will happen, and of course I didn’t ask or say anything really, and dad didn’t either, but what I heard and the price they told him makes it quite clear to me that the ceramic will be only partial, which I guess means I’ll end up with exposed metal in my mouth, which is what I specifically wanted to avoid.
What’s even stranger is that, while the first doctor advised doing it like this from the beginning, saying it’s not worth spending more on it though she didn’t at the time know it has other problems and may not last anyway, and trying to reassure me when I expressed my concerns about the exposed metal, this one who ended up actually doing the work didn’t even mention this cheaper option while she was explaining what was available after the pierced root will be handled one way or another, and dismissed the regular metal alloy as outdated and potentially risky, the cheapest option on her list being the one with a full ceramic coating. And then I heard the assistant mention requesting a partial one and she said that’s fine, and the price they told dad definitely reflects it.
I guess I’ll see on Wednesday, when the next appointment is, but I’m already very unhappy and depressed about the whole thing and can’t even actually say anything. Just can’t, so just writing here, and wondering how badly I’ll crash and exactly what form the crash will take after it’ll all be done. And that’s not even considering the other potential problems.

The other thing that happened today is that I finished Torchlight, so it took me a total of 12 days since installing it. Of course, by “finished” I mean I killed Ordrak, since the Shadow Vault that opens once you do that is infinite and I don’t care to go through even one level of it. Admittedly, the fact that it’s just a stupid thing that you just go through mindlessly meant I could finish it at this time, and so quickly too, so I can say I finished a game this year already, but it was starting to overstay its welcome about halfway through. It’s like somebody took something like one location from a poor free-to-play MMO and thought it’d make a good single player game in itself.
Played it on normal difficulty. Didn’t buy any equipment except I believe a necklace offering +2% experience, since I was going for as much experience bonus as possible, preferring that at the expense of everything else. Didn’t enchant anything except at the free altars and didn’t fit anything in sockets at all, only hoarding ember for what proved to be no reason at all. Saved images with the character and information at the end.
As for the four deaths, they’re annoying because they were stupid. First two were by traps on the last map received as a reward from the ember quest guy, first spikes when enemies blocked the way forward and instead of either dashing into the room through them or even heading back through the spiked path to try again, I went back and forth and for some reason just stood on trapped tiles until the spikes shot up and killed me, and then opened a chest in the next room after clearing it without being hasted and the trap had those flaming arrows or whatever they are and that got me again. The other two were at the start and end of the area opened for the portal guy’s last side quest, when I basically just stood there, mind probably being too unplugged, as I once only ran in front of a dark zealot and basically didn’t do anything else until she got me, and the other time I literally stopped and waited for a poison attack from another to hit me, no idea why.

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A Moratorium on Breeding, Both Necessary and an Opportunity

I’m quite sure I was 16 when I started to become aware of the overpopulation problem, which means I’ve been increasingly concerned about it and increasingly adamant about the need to solve it by restricting births any means necessary for half my life at this point. However, until recently I was only specifically advocating drastically limiting the number of births, first by only allowing a certain percentage of people to have children, then by having a certain fixed number of breeding licenses available each year, determined according to the number of deaths in the previous year, in order to meet the yearly population reduction target, and even more recently by having scientists determine the minimum number of births needed to avoid a genetic bottleneck for the human race and only allowing that many and no more.
There were, of course, problems with those approaches. The percentage one didn’t actually allow the progress to the population target to be tracked year after year and was likely to still allow too many births, while at the same time allowing for potential wild variations in the number of births per year, likely to cause problems for infrastructure and services. The fixed number according to the previous year’s deaths one solved those problems, but made it so those who for various reasons desire more births at all costs would see immediate benefits from increased mortality, which clashed with my desired approach of drastically reducing population without killing people or allowing them to die unnecessarily due to lack of access to needed resources or services. And the minimum necessary to avoid a genetic bottleneck one largely sorted that out as well, but made genetic diversity the only real criterion for selection, whether the traits are good or bad.
Between the three, the fixed number according to the previous year’s deaths approach is probably still the most appropriate, coupled with a system ensuring that efforts to reduce mortality will continue to be made and perhaps also with a certain cap which would ensure no benefits for pronatalists in case there will nevertheless be any increases in mortality. And this is also the most appropriate because, unlike the minimum necessary to avoid a genetic bottleneck approach, it’d definitely allow proper criteria for selection that could truly bring evolution back into the game, preserving diversity but not also negative aspects, clearly aiming to objectively improve the human race.

Now that I got to the issue of objectively improving the human race, that in itself leads to a particularly difficult problem, namely what those objective criteria may be, who will decide that and who will judge the applicants for a breeding license according to them. Considering certain ghosts from the past, the human race as a whole is likely even less willing to even discuss such matters than population control simply in terms of numbers, the general view being that the concept itself is necessarily evil or, at the very least, that it will unavoidably be misused in a similar or even worse manner despite any potential positive applications it may in itself have.
Needless to say, I completely disagree with that view and say that objective criteria can indeed be found, likely starting from proven resistance to various serious diseases, and obviously also no above average predisposition to any diseases or malformations, and then continuing with exhibiting extraordinary mental or physical abilities which are likely to be at least in large part genetically transmitted. And, while at first I was saying this would imply carefully analyzing the applicants’ family trees, developments in genetics make such analyses increasingly exact and less likely to rely on the subjective judgment of people, which will be replaced to an ever greater extent by hard data and computers.
Still, while I will always firmly state that there’s nothing inherently wrong or evil in the concept itself, I must admit a great risk of misuse does remain even under the best scenarios, humans being humans. And not only that, but coming up with such a system, ironing out the many kinks it’s certain to have at first and applying and enforcing it worldwide will take time, making a rapid switch to it impossible. And we definitely can no longer afford to allow things to continue as they are until something like this will be ready for implementation, especially since it’s obvious that the situation will worsen significantly if people will know breeding will be restricted several years before it’ll actually happen, not only because more will rush to have children during that time but also because the efforts will be hindered at every step by pronatalists.

Well, I can now say that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. The silver lining of how bad the situation is, considering the current population, the numbers which live in poverty and therefore need to be able to consume much more than they currently do, and the continued lack of any relevant efforts in the direction of actual population control done correctly, is that there’s simply no more room for any breeding if we’re to have any chance of getting back down to any even remotely acceptable population levels within any reasonable amount of time. All those discussions about who should be allowed to have children are no longer a relevant matter at the present time simply because the only answer that still makes any sense is that nobody should be having children right now and likely for decades to come.
Since the limitation tends to be the fertility of women, the human race will continue quite fine and completely naturally if such a moratorium will last 30 or 35 years, and perhaps even 40 years. With no more births for 30 years, there will be almost a billion women under 45, about two thirds of them under 40, when breeding will be allowed again, so even if only a small part of them will be allowed to have one child each at that time, the human race has no risk of going extinct. And, of course, genetic material can be preserved and children can be created artificially, which will only get easier with future developments, so even if the moratorium will last for a century or, depending on how much life will be extended by then, even more, it still seems unlikely that a new generation won’t be born when the time will be right and enough problems will be solved. In some ways, it may even be better to wait until the vast majority of those alive right now will die of natural causes, leaving a relatively small number to guide that new generation through its early years and then offering it a more or less fresh start, assuming they’ll learn the right lessons from the mistakes of the past.

But not even the amount of time such a moratorium should last is something which needs to be discussed at the moment, because it isn’t only a necessary measure in order to solve overpopulation without increasing mortality and also offer the time needed to implement a fair and objective system of selecting those who’ll eventually be allowed to breed again, but also a huge opportunity to fix the world, by which I mean both the environment and human society. When it comes to the environment, we have a lot of damage to fix, and we definitely also need to accept the responsibility for the well-being of the other species we share this planet with that comes with our position as the ones who can shape this world according to our will. As for human society, we must create one where all bar those proven guilty of serious crimes are guaranteed a decent standard of living as a basic right and also have enough true reasons for happiness to more than make up for any pain, suffering and sadness, be it caused by negative events that can’t be prevented or inherent to being alive as a thinking, feeling being.
Many social systems will get a break once existing children will become adults and no others will take their place, and the population dropping as fast as it possibly can without an increase in mortality will reduce the pressure on both the environment and human society, allowing changes and improvements which would be extraordinarily difficult or completely impossible otherwise. In other words, we have much to do and a moratorium on breeding will offer the opportunity to do it while also providing an incentive to get to work as soon and as hard as possible. It’ll be completely up to us, and anyone who actually wants the human race to continue to exist on this planet, as well as those who are young now and for some reason want children of their own, will need to make every effort to bring about those changes in the least amount of time. Under such a scenario, if we eventually will go extinct, it’ll only be because we didn’t deserve to remain on this world, since it’s no longer a matter of lacking the knowledge or the technology, but only one of lacking the will to do what’s right. And that’s inexcusable.

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Starting the Year Playing Torchlight

On quite a whim, I decided right on January 1 to install and start playing Torchlight, even though only a few days before, when I looked through the games I have, I had put it way down the list of those I may try to play this year, the last of those I said “maybe” for, before the “unlikely” ones. But then I somehow just changed my mind and didn’t just install and try it, but have actually been playing it for quite a few hours per day, so at the moment I’m level 21, fame level 11, and just got the three glyphs from those ruins and also completed all side quests available so far and cleared the two additional dungeons you can use items received as quest rewards to create portals to.
Thing is that, after feeling quite fine about it for the first two days, taking it as just something I can go through rather mindlessly, now it’s already getting to be a bit of a chore. Will still likely keep going for quite a while as long as it won’t become frustrating due to difficulty, which so far isn’t a problem, but it’s just too much of the same, sections reused even over a few levels, entire levels reused with only minor differences, enemies that just aren’t interesting and way too few skills and spells to make the character interesting. And the fact that spells are quite hard to find, you can only know four of them at a time, which in my case is down to three since I found Identify and learned that in one slot, and when you unlearn one it’s completely gone, so you can’t simply swap them around as needed, makes that even worse.

Otherwise, yesterday I woke up after probably less than two hours of sleep to get to the Government at 9 AM, when a petition asking the prime minister to sign the application to make Rosia Montana a UNESCO world heritage site before the end of his term was delivered. It must be submitted this month and the prime minister’s signature is the only thing missing, yet he refused, making excuses and supposedly leaving the task for the new government, which was sworn in today and is unlikely to have something like this on its agenda at all, not to mention so quickly. And, on the other hand, if it does get signed and submitted by them, those we fought and who’re likely worse now than they were back then will get an image boost thanks to this very issue instead of some of those opposing them getting it.
Of course, delivering the signatures then, right at the end of his term in office, was only a symbolic gesture, but the petition had just exceeded 10000 signatures and his clear refusal was only recent, so such a symbolic gesture was what was left. Not that it made any difference, as today proved, but I am curious what the response will be, as they’re required to give one, and also whether the response will also be given individually to each of the rest of us who showed up and ended up submitting the petition as individuals as well.
Didn’t intend to do that myself, but Claudia had brought a pile of papers with the petition text that people could write their name and contact information on and then sign, so those who won’t be allowed inside with the folder of signatures will still be able to go in, and since some 25 of us were there and they said they’ll only allow three at a time, the rest did that and, right at the gate, I gave in and filled one in as well, being the last to do so. Then, simply because I was standing close to the gate when those who delivered the main petition came back out, I was in the first group going in after them, though that means the first of two groups, since the guards then decided to allow everyone in after we came out, though the agents inside were bothered even that five had been allowed in that second group I was in.
And yes, of course things got awkward again when I had to pass filters, since I had my camera with me and also a pile of used batteries, as I usually take in case I can squeeze another picture or two out of them when things are calm, or at least to put in as I go through the pictures at the end, so I won’t use a good pair for that. Not that I did anything with it, as I took no pictures, but there I was, with all of that, and when I heard there was a filter I pulled out a plastic bag I also had with me and threw the batteries in it, along with my phone and keys and the coins I had in my pocket, making the security guard ask with some confusion whether I had batteries in there after the bag was scanned. However, things got rather more awkward when the scanner still beeped and I just then realized I had forgotten my camera, which I keep in my sleeve, with the strap around my wrist, to be able to take out and slip back in as needed. Rather understandably, the agent wasn’t pleased with me digging something out of my sleeve after passing the scanner, and they didn’t give it back to me until I left.

Also ran after that. Not right away, I mean, but getting back, grabbing something to eat, going to the toilet, spending a little time on-line and then going before it got cloudy. Still little wind and sunny, but temperature only a little above freezing, so had more clothes on again and after also having been somewhere else already that day and sleeping so little, it was a huge effort to stay under 35 minutes. Felt like I was going for a record and for most of the second half I was considering giving up on that target or even stopping, but I kept pushing even when my vision was getting blurry and I was feeling quite out of it, the reward being a time of 34:53, with sector times of 4:31, 5:13, 6:08, 4:30, 5:17, 6:11 and 3:03, making for lap times of 15:52 and 15:58.
That was the first decent day for running after a few windy ones, and seems to be the last for quite a while, as today it was windy again, tomorrow it may rain a bit and then we may actually get a bit of a taste of winter, with highs well below freezing for at least about a week, with the forecast for Friday also including strong wind and snow. So I guess this is the point where I’ll start digging into that buffer of four runs I have, because it seems highly unlikely I’ll be running again for a while. Will keep looking for days when it may still be possible to some extent though, even if I’ll need to give up on target times and simply try to cover the distance, wearing whatever clothes will be needed under the circumstances, also because taking a break will only make it harder to start again.

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About Personal Goals in 2016, I Guess…

Last day of the year, only one post so far this week and really don’t want to start 2017 with a Sunday update, so I guess a report on my personal goals for 2016 may be something to write. Pointless, little and meaningless goals, just for personal use, but that’s pretty much the rule for what I can still manage to post in recent years, so it’s either this or worse.

The main blog-related goal was to just keep posting something twice per week, which I managed to do. In fact, including this one, there are a total of 109 posts this year, and since the first was the second one for that week, it means there were four additional posts over the course of the year, one of them in a week with three in March and the other three in a week with five, actually posted on five consecutive days, or in fact six if you add the one posted the Sunday before, in May.
While, again including this one, 66 of the 109, so just over 60% of this year’s posts, are personal, as far as totals go, that category and the Tests & Surveys one are now at 578 out of 1224, so still under half, which is the other long-term goal left. Sure, that’s only thanks to old book reviews copied here, but it counts. And speaking of which, still didn’t get around to copying all of those old reviews, actually.
And to finish with the blog, something specific for this year was a clear goal of adding two more posts in my “New Finds” series including five bands each, but also a tentative one for either three regular ones or two bigger ones, for a total of at least 15 bands mentioned in such posts this year. That means that, with two posts including a total of 12 bands, since the second one included seven, I met the clear goal, but failed the tentative one.

Still on-line, there were some goals for MobyGames submissions, and those were almost completely failed. The main one was to get at least 1000 points in a year again, since the last time that happened, barely, was in 2013, and I also wanted to do it while counting less than 250 points obtained from submitting electronic covers. A tentative goal above that was to have at least 2000 critic scores, formerly known as mobyranks, submitted and approved, so to get at least 1000 points only from those, as that used to be what I usually submitted and in each of 2011 and 2012 I had over 3000 of them. On the other hand, the first lower goal to fall back to was at least 1000 total points, so including even over 250 from electronic covers, while an even lower one was just to get no less than 2014’s 818 points, which was the least amount in a year after 2010. But all I have right now are 685 total points, including 411 from electronic covers and only 196.5 from the 393 critic scores, while in queue there are only four more critic scores, since I was recently added to the users whose critic score submissions are automatically approved unless they specifically uncheck the box for each they want seen by an approver, and 11 more electronic covers, so a total of 35 more points if all will also be approved, making for a maximum total of 720 points this year.
The one goal I didn’t fail is submitting all reviews published on Games Xtreme up to the end of 2015 for games that are in the MobyGames database, since based on a message I mentioned at the time that became a little goal after learning that The Adrenaline Vault will not be relaunched after it was hacked. Must say I’m very surprised I managed this, since only a week and a half ago I was only up to the end of 2011 and hadn’t added any more in quite a while, but then I got back to it, pushed, and was halfway through 2014 yesterday, with a goal of at least finishing that year today. However, before stopping to have time to also add a few more pointless lines in my story before going to bed, I was only six reviews short of finishing 2015 as well, and I submitted the five I could submit today, the other one not being in the MobyGames database.

Speaking of my story, still managed to at least add a little something every day, but it’s still completely pointless, or in fact even more so than before. Can’t remember the last time anything relevant happened or, more importantly, the last time I knew what I wanted to happen, the nearest future scene in my mind remaining the end of the sea voyage, which has been clear since well before I actually started writing any of this. Nothing to do with sticking to a word count either, not even sure I’m averaging 100 per day lately, and definitely didn’t stick to even that as a minimum anymore.
Did cut off what I have so far at the end of what I consider part two and copied that in a separate file as a potential actual first book, as it makes more sense and most of it flows to some extent, since I knew what should be happening and where to go next, but it’s been simply sitting there ever since, as I don’t dare to start making any attempt of going through it to make it into something which might, at a real stretch, be in any way worth reading by someone else.

Oh, back to on-line stuff, at some point I found myself mostly moderating in the Facebook editor, though I also added some information for some pages, and as I was seeing the numbers add up I came up quite recently with a goal of getting all badges, since I only had the one for suggesting 100 page edits left, and having 2000 edits and 1000 accepted ones by the end of the year. And all of those were met today, when I got myself over 2000 total edits, which once again are mostly made up of approving or rejecting others’ submissions, as it was only yesterday that I got that badge for 100 submissions of my own. The accepted edits got over 1000 I think a day or two before that, not sure exactly anymore, though the accuracy keeps dropping, now being at 81%, so 19% of those not still in queue have been rejected by others. I still stand by nearly all of them though, since I actually check unless something seems very obvious, but of course others may not, or some may be attempts to use the system to spread false information or, likely more often, simply for pranks.

Still on the computer, the usual goal of finishing five games may have actually been met this year, depending on how you count. At best, you can say I actually finished six, the easy ones being Flight of the Amazon Queen and Hordes of the Underdark, then counting the original Tropico 4 campaign as one game and the DLC pack, or at least the Modern Times campaign, as another, and also counting Akalabeth, which I only quickly rushed through by abusing the amulet, and Gone Home, which I have a hard time calling a game. In other words, at worst you can say I only finished three, but do think Gone Home should count as something, since I played and finished it as it’s meant to be played, so should be at least four.
And I already mentioned finally finishing Hordes of the Underdark, and that was another specific gaming goal for the year. Has been one for quite a few years now, in fact, but now it finally doesn’t have to be listed under failed ones anymore. King of Dragon Pass still has to be, however, since I didn’t even make another attempt there… And now it may be quite impossible to do so, since it seems it can’t deal with something Emsisoft does after a certain update. Not that I even tried it again lately, and there has been another update also pushed to the delayed branch since, but knowing that King of Dragon Pass tends to refuse to run simply because certain other programs are running, it’s not exactly unexpected. It is very annoying though, and makes me wonder whether I shouldn’t just admit I gave up on it, after my two attempts so far ended so embarrassingly.

And on the topic of finishing things, without counting that “alpha version” of one that’s not actually released yet, also managed to finish 12 books this year, to average one per month, even if the last seven were read in the last four months. Only The Slow Regard of Silent Things and Sword of Destiny were actually bought this year, and A Dance with Dragons in 2012. Then there was The Cavalier Club, which I won on Goodreads, and Bai Ganyo, read in Romanian, as something grabbed while sorting through these old books to give away. The rest, so seven out of 12, more than half, were ebooks picked up for free, Blessings of a Curse in 2013, A Circle of Iron last year, and Weniaria, Free-Wrench, Quantum Tangle, Dragon of Ash & Stars and The Joined Realm this year.

As for running, I definitely managed to stick to averaging one run per week, and in fact at the moment I have a buffer of four runs to help get me through the winter. And I also managed to switch to seven kilometers as the normal distance, not getting back to less since I switched to this distance. Not that this was a goal until I actually made that switch, but it became one right away once I did.
But the most important achievement here, and in fact the only one actually worth mentioning out of all of this, is completing my first half marathon, which wasn’t necessarily a specific goal at the start of the year but quickly became one in March. That also includes two failures though, since the main goal was to finish it with an official time under two hours and the secondary one was to finish with less than two hours as real time, but the official time was 2:08:27 and the real time 2:02:39. Did manage to cover what should be the distance of a half marathon in less than two hours through the park while training for the actual race, but that doesn’t exactly count.

Despite the size, this post was rushed, so I may be forgetting something and, if so, I may or may not make edits. Still, between running and the only actual achievement here, namely completing an official half marathon, the books read, the games finished, the blog posts, adding to my story and submitting on MobyGames, I think I covered everything that actually was a goal. Oh, except the fact that I also stuck to my tiny daily exercise routine as well, but I haven’t given up on or failed at that since I started, after Andra left, and it’s not enough to make much of a difference anyway.

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