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New Finds – XLIX

Since there were two other bands that I meant to include in the previous post in this series, before ending up making it about bands from Estonia, I’ll start this one with them. And since it’s another rushed one, as usual, the third band will also be picked from those that I ended up checking […]

Eurovision 2023

What I can say about this year’s edition is that there was no question about the best act and that the two semi-finals differed greatly in quality, with the second one being pretty hard to watch. But the final turned out well enough, at least as far as I could tell, since I watched it […]

New Finds – XLVIII

It definitely feels wrong to write about something else on Earth Day, but considering all the greenwashing it’s being used for and how that’s even encouraged by the year’s theme, which is in fact, and very suspiciously, the same as last year’s and proves that the “official” part of the movement is rushing in the […]

New Finds – XLVII

Needing a non-personal post this week, I started checking some of the bands from the list and was pleased to quickly find several that had new releases, some after a long hiatus, in some cases finally giving me a good reason to include them in a post from this series, after failing to do so […]

New Finds – XLVI

After adding four posts to this series in the first three months of 2022, and no less than 14 in 2021, including one with what used to be the normal five bands, this is the first one in just under ten months, and it’ll once again be rushed and only include this “new normal” of […]