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New Finds – XXXIX

Been putting it off for a while, since I could get away with other non-personal posts, but now even though I could do so again this week, I guess it’s time for another post in this series, even if I still don’t have any actual new finds. But that’s unlikely to change in the foreseeable […]

New Finds – XXXVIII

This will be a particularly rushed addition to this series, but while I still haven’t returned to checking any groups or other sources, and still doubt I will in the foreseeable future, so I still don’t have any actual new finds, I did at least get back to only including bands with recent releases. And […]

New Finds – XXXVII

Though the situation mentioned in the previous post from this series hasn’t changed and I therefore don’t have any actual new finds, this just offers me an opportunity to go through the hundreds of bands that have been more or less forgotten on the list, and also once again check the situation of a few […]

New Finds – XXXVI

Since the event I was relying on for a quick post today, or more exactly the part of it that I was interested in, was postponed, I guess it’s time for another really rushed addition to this series. I haven’t checked any group in quite some time, and now I’m even less likely to check […]

Eurovision 2021 – II

Since it got too late and I couldn’t manage to write the comments about the top ten entries in my classification in the previous post, I’m adding them now. I guess adding comments about each of the songs would more properly justify making a separate post, but that’s not going to happen, and the rather […]