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Attempting a Ranking for (What Should Have Been) Eurovision 2020

I was saying in the previous post that I couldn’t try to rank the songs I chose for what should have been the final more than I did in that last paragraph, but I guess I will after all. Kept thinking about it and started doing so to some small extent, for the few at […]

(What Should Have Been) Eurovision 2020

I still think this year’s Eurovision Song Contest could and should have been handled differently. At first, I was even thinking that there could still be a competition, but I guess that’d have in truth been impossible, due to the different conditions, resources and, at this point, regulations in each country. But they could have […]

New Finds – XXII

Yes, another quick addition to this series, and in fact another one actually written earlier and scheduled to be posted now. More exactly, I had first ended up including these three bands in the previous post, but then didn’t like having six in one post, got rather lost in trying to pick a seventh, left […]

New Finds – XXI

Yes, two posts in this series less than a week apart, and actually written only two days apart, since I needed something non-personal as the week’s early first post and there’s a personal post to write and schedule after this as well, and at the time of writing I don’t know whether my Internet access […]

New Finds – XX

Maybe the 20th post in this series should have been somewhat more special, but instead it’ll just be another rushed one with only three bands. But it seems that such posts, also forced by my need to come up with something non-personal to post, did help last year, as there were a total of five […]