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New Finds – XXXIII

Don’t need another non-personal post just now anymore, but do need a first post of the week, to give myself some more time to write the personal one, and another addition to this series is still the easiest solution I can come up with, especially when I do have an actual new find to start […]

New Finds – XXXII

This will be another quick post in this series, and it’ll start with a band I never thought I was going to include in one: Evanescence. They’re obviously not a new find, as I must have heard of them around the same time I first heard of Nightwish, and they’re better known than them as […]

New Finds – XXXI

This post really is just thrown here to have a non-personal first one of the week in order to free a slot for what will end up being another Sunday update, and probably an incomplete one at that, but I do have three bands to post, starting with the one that, in the previous post […]

New Finds – XXX

I actually managed to add all the bands included in this series of posts to the list, so I now know that, with the ones in this post, I have 130 out of 503. There are some questions about a few that I just happened to mention in passing, but it should be good enough […]

New Finds – XXIX

This post is the one I mentioned, containing only bands from Italy with new releases within the past year, but I’ll start it by mentioning a couple of changes I intend to make to the list of bands. The first one, adding all bands included in this series of posts to the list, should be […]