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New Finds – LIX

If I was saying that the previous post from this series might have been one of the most rushed but nevertheless one that really deserved the title, since it only contained particularly new finds, this one is at least as rushed but definitely far less deserving of the title, the only actual recent find being […]

New Finds – LVIII

While this may well be one of the most rushed posts from this series, it’s one that really deserves the title, because the first band, Mystfall, is the only one that I didn’t stumble into this evening, but a couple of weeks ago, when the video for Silence was posted. So that’s my first pick […]

New Finds – LVII

Since Alterium is the new band that I was referring to in October, in the 54th post from this series, and they’re scheduled to release their first album in less than a month, I’ll start directly and say that my two picks are Drag Me to Hell and Siren’s Call. The fact that the songs […]

New Finds – LVI

This is quite certainly this year’s last post in this series, and it’s the 11th, so I won’t get to 2021’s record of 14, but I did also have one that included five bands, which was also the case in 2021. This one will just include three, and it’s once again rushed, which should unfortunately […]

New Finds – LV

I usually have some difficulties when I want the bands included in a post from this series to have something in common, but this time the fact that they’re all from the United States is entirely accidental, and I only noticed it when I marked all three of them as included. And it’s also a […]