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New Finds – XII

I keep saying that I want to post at least two posts in this series each year and at least I seem to be posting the first one before the end of the year’s first half. Interestingly, last year’s first one was also on the first Sunday of June, though that meant the 4th then. […]

Eurovision 2018 – II

Seems like I am managing to once again add what was missing from the previous post on Monday, so let me get right to it, starting with comments about the top five acts in the actual classification. The comments about the top ten in mine will follow right after them. See said previous post for […]

Eurovision 2018 – I

I’ll do the same thing I did in 2016 and 2017, and for the same reason, so there will once again be two posts, this one including my classification and some general comments about the final and the semifinals, while the next will contain the comments about the top songs, both in the actual classification […]

New Finds – XI

Leaving the year’s second post in this series very late again, but at least it’s not the very last day again, so it could be worse. It’ll just include the usual five bands, so I’m not only failing that tentative goal of including 15 bands in such posts over the course of a year but […]

Xandria and Dianne Part Ways

Can’t say that the announcement just posted by Dianne was unexpected after the one posted by the band yesterday, but it’s still sad… It is somewhat refreshing to see her state her side so clearly though, unlike those hiding behind more or less generic or formal statements that attempt to mask the real reasons and […]