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New Finds – XXXII

This will be another quick post in this series, and it’ll start with a band I never thought I was going to include in one: Evanescence. They’re obviously not a new find, as I must have heard of them around the same time I first heard of Nightwish, and they’re better known than them as […]

New Finds – XXXI

This post really is just thrown here to have a non-personal first one of the week in order to free a slot for what will end up being another Sunday update, and probably an incomplete one at that, but I do have three bands to post, starting with the one that, in the previous post […]

New Finds – XXX

I actually managed to add all the bands included in this series of posts to the list, so I now know that, with the ones in this post, I have 130 out of 503. There are some questions about a few that I just happened to mention in passing, but it should be good enough […]

New Finds – XXIX

This post is the one I mentioned, containing only bands from Italy with new releases within the past year, but I’ll start it by mentioning a couple of changes I intend to make to the list of bands. The first one, adding all bands included in this series of posts to the list, should be […]

Charlotte Leaves Delain… Actually, Everyone Does

Charlotte announcing that she’s leaving Delain sure came as quite a shock, and the fact that everyone else is also leaving, Delain returning to just being Martijn‘s project, makes the reasons and the culprit very clear… And also makes it quite clear that, even if it may continue to exist in some form, Delain will […]