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Charlotte Leaves Delain… Actually, Everyone Does

Charlotte announcing that she’s leaving Delain sure came as quite a shock, and the fact that everyone else is also leaving, Delain returning to just being Martijn‘s project, makes the reasons and the culprit very clear… And also makes it quite clear that, even if it may continue to exist in some form, Delain will […]

New Finds – XXVIII

Before looking at it as a way to throw another non-personal post here, I actually started thinking of adding another post in this series when I happened to stumble upon Elessär again and was surprised to not see them on the list, since I was certain I had listened to them before. So I searched, […]

Marko Unexpectedly Retires from Nightwish and Public Life

Marko‘s announcement of retiring from Nightwish and public life sure came out of nowhere yesterday, especially considering their upcoming virtual concert, scheduled two months from now. And now that I had a look I found that less than a month ago he won Masked Singer Finland and also took part in the Raskasta Joulua stream, […]

New Finds – XXVII

This will be another rushed addition, but these rushed additions have been making it a good year for this series. The posts are written in a hurry, including fewer bands, possibly less information about each, and with the picks being selected with far less care, often after listening to only a handful of songs, or […]

New Finds – XXVI

I had a quick post on an entirely different topic in mind for today, but that not only deserves but actually requires much more time and attention, not to mention skill, while I might just get away with it when it comes to another addition to this series. So I continued to search for bands […]