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Quick Review: Syberia

I gave up on adventure games pretty much completely more than 15 years ago, but found myself sort of curious to try this one ever since it was given away for free on GOG.com and now I did. And I was stubborn enough to never glance at a guide, figuring everything out on my own, […]

Review: The Müll Littoral

For a short game of this genre, it could have been a lot worse. The developer actually put a fair amount of effort into the writing and presentation, not trying to merely make a point or even just explore a certain issue, and also not placing the game in this “reality”, but managing to tell […]

Review: Regions of Ruin

This style of action combat, requiring speed and coordination, doesn’t suit me and it’s also not what you’d expect when you think of dwarves, all of this applying to platforming as well. Nevertheless, there was something about Regions of Ruin that made it seem interesting enough and I had also seen that later on you’ll […]

Quick Review: Dungeon Hunter III (MRE – Nokia 230)

Some nine months ago, I ended up playing this on my Nokia 230 after being tricked into purchasing it. The demo is limited to 90 seconds, without any timer being displayed, and as soon as the 90 seconds end, the purchase screen shows up, with the option to purchase selected, and the button to press […]

Quick Review: Eschalon: Book I

While not something to write home about, as they say, Eschalon I is a pretty nice game that was, for the most part, quite enjoyable. Despite its limitations, the most obvious being that speed can only be doubled or halved, I’m somewhat fond of this type of turn-based gameplay, there was enough to explore and […]