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Review: Hero of the Kingdom II

When I first noticed these games, the graphics caught my attention, they seemed to look just right for a fantasy RPG. But they’re casual games, not actual fantasy RPGs, so I dismissed them a moment later… Until this one was given away for free, at which point I decided to grab and start it. That […]

Review: King of Dragon Pass

This review refers to the original game and is strictly about it, without comparing it to the remastered version, on any platform, since I didn’t play that and didn’t care to. The fact that I only managed to get myself to write this review now, shortly before a full year passed since I finally finished […]

Quick Review: Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

This art style doesn’t get old and works well for such games that don’t take themselves too seriously, but the animations are too slow and George should be able to run, to speed things up a little. However, the audio quality is poor in a few places, some lines seem recorded at different times or […]

Review: The Stuff Fairy Tales Are Made Of

I’m quite sure that this is the first time I play a game made in RPG Maker VX Ace, and in fact I think that I never played any made in any version other than 2000 before, which is also the one that I used when I tried to make a game, way back. I […]

Quick Review: Jazz Jackrabbit 2 – The Christmas Chronicles

This is supposed to be a rerelease of Holiday Hare 98, the notable difference in single player being that Lori is added as a playable character, but if I ever played a Jazz Jackrabbit game it was probably only for a few minutes and almost certainly not one of these “specials”, so it’s my first […]