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Registration Confirmed After All!

Should have probably written this right away, but tried to finish the book faster this week, so I’m just getting around to it now, after finishing and reviewing that yesterday. The fact that the game no longer started since Sunday, when I’d have wanted to play a bit more after writing that post and saw […]

Water Issues, No Solution to the Payment Problem, Poor Run, Last Shadow Magic Scenario

Did mean to write this yesterday, but between sleeping so little, helping dad at least temporarily fix the new exhaust hood in its place and playing some more Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, couldn’t manage it. Woke up very early, heard dad around, likely fell back to sleep for a bit, then woke up again […]

Likely Losing the Money Paid for the 2019 Half Marathon Registration

With the early bird registration for next year’s half marathon opening awfully early and ending yesterday, I wanted to take advantage of the offer. Not that I was certain that I actually wanted to enter for quite a while, thinking that the only reason to do so anymore would be to aim to get under […]

Two Runs, Purchases, Finishing Book and Scenario

Last week’s run was Friday, the time being 48:16, with sector times of 4:17, 5:06, 5:53, 4:35, 5:11, 5:58, 4:28, 5:07, 5:52 and 1:49, making for lap times of 15:16, 15:44 and 15:27. Had set my alarm to 2 PM, but woke up around 1:45 PM, it was 1:54 PM when I got up and […]

Planting Trees at Videle Again and Fixing Tooth

Was saying I’ll try to go to bed early Friday evening, meaning to do so around 11 PM, but it was almost 11:10 PM when I finished shaving and brushing my teeth and set the alarm and I still meant to read a bit, so it was just after midnight when I actually got in […]