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Picnic Kit, Broken Food Processor, Micky Again in My Room

Starting directly, I’ll just quickly mention that I went out to buy a few things on March 2, 5 and 7. Left early on March 7 and it was already clear when I woke up that something was seriously wrong, but at first I dismissed it as perhaps something caused by getting so little sleep, […]

At Least I Ran Today, Albeit Embarrassingly Slowly

This was an embarrassing time, but after skipping the previous two weeks, the first due to the weather and the second due to the flu, I decided to go for it today despite obviously being quite far from recovered. The reported temperature was up to 18°C, but there was some wind, more than I expected […]

Quite Sure This Is the Worst Flu Since I Was Little, If Not Ever…

There was a first small sign Monday evening, a few more Tuesday evening, and by the time I woke up Wednesday it was quite clear I was coming down with something bad, and the fact that I went out after maybe some two and a half hours of sleep sure didn’t help. By that evening, […]

Finally Finished the Sixth "Divine Empire" Scenario in Disciples

After first poking at it back in November, then dropping it and only picking it back up earlier this month, I finally finished the sixth of that series of “Divine Empire” scenarios in Disciples earlier this evening. Since I did so on turn 259, I was actually worried that something may happen when reaching turn […]

New Light Fixture

Started Good Omens Sunday and if I’ll manage to read some 30 more pages this evening, after posting this, I should just be able to finish it tomorrow, though I’m not sure I’ll manage to post the quick review then too. So I should get this post over with as fast as I can and […]