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Back to Protests, So Little Time to Write

Yesterday’s protest was just the beginning of something, in large part because the gendarmes made sure of it, using tear gas all day instead of extracting the few troublemakers, and eventually beating up even peaceful protesters after shit really hit the fan late in the evening, just minutes after I left. But this won’t be […]

Good and Bad News After Having My Eyes Checked

Was saying that I was getting increasingly worried about my left eye and eventually got myself to tell dad about it, and he scheduled an appointment. Well, that appointment was Tuesday, supposedly from 11 AM, but we got there at 10:35 AM, with me pretty much fully shut down and struggling not to have another […]

Once Again, Mere Seconds Faster Over a Half Marathon Distance

Wanted to finish another one of those Disciples scenarios before writing this, but I still didn’t manage it and want to avoid another Sunday update, so this will be a rushed post. Not that avoiding a Sunday update is the only reason to want to write it sooner, the other one being that I don’t […]

Going to the Dentist May Have Made It Even Worse…

Got back to Disciples and managed to finish two more of those “Divine Empire” scenarios these days. Started number 15 Saturday and due to forgetting some things it was a very bad start, so I quit and restarted quickly, going well after that until I took a break. When I got back for a bit, […]

Fig Trees Being Cleared, Finished Ember, Chipped Tooth Crown, Catching Up

Currently watching with anger as an old woman is clearing out the fig trees planted here a few years ago by a guy I understand is the father of the one living below us. Seems like the guy living here just noticed her now and started yelling at her, went out to argue too, but […]