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LED Tube, Botanical Garden, New Headphones

Slept poorly today, after Liza again started meowing like the feline equivalent of an abandoned puppy as soon as dad left, at 9:30 AM. With some dishes to wash and a note from dad asking me to give her some food too, I did that and then got on the computer and ended up submitting […]

Protest, Runs and Games, Including Another Gift

Since the previous post was about the August 10 protest, I should start this one with the personal notes about that day, when I had to walk there and back and somehow “managed” to go the wrong way on the way there. Meant to leave at 4 PM and take it easy, getting there around […]

Carrying, Worrying, Running and a New Longest Review

Took me three days to write it, but yesterday I finally posted the review for Regions of Ruin… And noticed that it ended up being a new longest one. Tried to avoid it, and it’s not much longer than the one for Ember, but it is nevertheless longer, and a bit over 3500 words, while […]

Restoring from Backup and Continuing to Test ESET

I’ll undo the work done recently to get a better ratio of non-personal posts with a second personal one this week, getting me back to a buffer of only one, but one of next week’s posts should be the review for Regions of Ruin, which I finished last evening, so I should at least be […]

Bite, Embarrassment, Guilt, Botanical Garden, Shutting Down

This post will start right after the previous personal one, because I mentioned that bite on my shoulder to dad after coming back from the run and he told me to be careful with such things, which got me worried and thinking about tick bites, considering the rash around it. Looked up the symptoms, but […]