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Unexpectedly Good Half Marathon Run Thanks to Impromptu Running Partners

Instead of recovering after yesterday, I ended up being woken up around 9:30 AM today as well, by the message notifying me that my phone credit will become inactive tomorrow unless recharged. And, unlike yesterday, despite the lack of noise, I couldn’t get back to sleep at all after that, ending up thinking that I […]

Sunday Update Instead of the Half Marathon…

The half marathon should have taken place today, but instead I can’t even run through the park. Those in Sector 2 have just been opened again, but as far as I know the rest are still closed, and will probably remain closed until at least Friday, when we’ll no longer be under the state of […]

Probably the Last SETI@home Tasks, Connection Issues, Dad, Cooking and Filth

Yesterday I cleaned my room somewhat more thoroughly, also rearranging some things, getting rid of a few, and changing my sheets and flipping my mattress over. Then, at night, while dad was working in the living room, I also cooked a little, and when I got back on the computer, before he went to bed […]

More SETI@home Tasks, Fees Even for Donations and Two Slow Runs

Since I finished this hours ago but can only post it after midnight, I’m using the file time. With that out of the way, I’ll start by saying that, after needing all of three days, April 19 to 21, to read Skykeep and also post quick review for it, I mean to also go through […]

Avira Behaving Suspiciously and Minimal Gains on the New Route

To go in reverse chronological order, this afternoon I noticed that the water was quite brown, which made me wonder whether it had been like that when I made tea as well, one hour or so before noticing this, since I was rushing then and can’t really say that I looked. But since I drank […]