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Another Game from the Doc, Lost Cookies and Another Sector Record

Finally sprayed in my room Thursday and Friday, but the books are still on the floor and the boxes under and around the desk, so I can’t even sit here properly, and since I want to throw something here quickly to avoid another Sunday update, I’ll just stop Wednesday for now. The one exception I’ll […]

First Interval Training

I can say that Thursday was my first attempt at interval training, at first aiming to push as hard as possible on sector one of lap one, sector two of lap two and sector three of lap three but realizing after that first sector that I’ll have nothing left on lap three if I do […]

Long Walks and Regions of Ruin

Since this is the last personal post I can post at the moment while still sticking to the one remaining rule, I’ll have to put everything in it now and then maybe finally get around to throw that quick review for Eschalon here as the week’s second post. Could have gone to the book fair […]

Two Runs, (Possibly) Two Protests, Testing G DATA Again

The first time I timed my squats again after running the half marathon was on May 18, 2:31, and it was 2:33 on May 20, while on May 19 there was a replay just when I finished and I had to estimate, but it should have been about 2:31 again, give or take a second. […]

Before and After Bucharest Half Marathon 2019

Got woken up this morning by my UPS beeping due to a power failure, and since the power didn’t return in a couple of minutes I had to turn off the computer. Did call to see whether there was any information about the failure, but the only thing the machine had was for an entirely […]