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Before My First Marathon

Until I’ll get around to writing about race day, let me catch up on the period before it, starting with October 6, when I left a bit after 2 PM, maybe around 2:10 PM, rushing and forgetting to take out the recyclables too. The plan was to cover a part of the route of the […]

More Cut Internet Cables at a Very Bad Time

Yesterday I woke up, grabbed something to eat, got on the computer… And saw that I had no Internet access again. Had a signal, so it wasn’t my cable being cut again, but had a message about a failed connection already at 9:14 AM, so the problem appeared then or earlier and hadn’t been fixed […]

Last Run Before My First Marathon

No idea when I’ll write this week’s second post, much less both, after today, so I’m just throwing this here about last week’s second run, which I mentioned considering, and the rest of that day. Should have written something about the referendum, but after going out again to get some more things yesterday, I rested […]

Internet Cable Cut Again and 42 Kilometers in Three Runs over Five Days

Last Monday I was woken up by a call, the phone saying it was missed at 9:49 AM, and I decided to get up then, but it was about 1 PM when I finally left to take the keyboard to be fixed under warranty. And then I had a problem on the way, since dad’s […]


This will be quick, even more so than last year’s, and you see it’s not at the regular time either. Whether I’d be able to post it at all was definitely a question, since I had no Internet access between about 10:30 AM Tuesday morning and 7:35 PM this evening, but I must also admit […]