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Rushed Little Update Between Very Long Daily Walks

With Carrefour’s “Payment with PET” campaign being in Bucharest again between November 18 and 24, I knew I was going to be walking a lot, but I thought I had some 80 to 100 bottles, so I could skip the weekend, since you can get the rewards for up to 20 per day. However, I […]

White Hair, Games, Books, Damaged Stopwatch, Carrying Two Thirds of My Weight

Should start by mentioning that I again felt my heart beating particularly erratically on the evening of November 1, as I was reading in bed. It again seemed to be caused by that bone spur, however, since the position seemed to have caused it to get stuck in a bad position again and my heartbeat […]

Fresh Air for Heart, Mixers for Cans, Plus Books, Purchases and Colectiv

Last Saturday I again felt repeated irregular heartbeats when I woke up as dad kept coming and going in the morning, and that bone spur in my back definitely was stuck in a bad position, so I tried snapping it out of it and things seemed better once I partially managed to do so, but […]

Little Money, More Carrying, Replaced Router, Reading and Playing

Last Friday I got up at 2 PM, when the alarm rang. I had been sleeping poorly for a few hours at that point, but I’d say that the alarm ringing just then was rather fortunate, since I had just woken up after a bad dream about Andra and I’d have ended up in a […]

Just a Regular Update at 36

I guess I’m 36 now. Wonder how long it’ll take me to remember it, but maybe not too long, seeing as I was thinking to myself that the answer would have changed if they’d have called a day later when someone doing a survey woke me up yesterday, one of the first questions being my […]