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An Update to Get to Early July, to the Day at the Hospital

The day spent at the hospital was July 5, but in order to at least finally post something to cover the period between the previous somewhat more general personal post, which goes up to June 20, and that day I only really have to get to the end of June, as the only thing I […]

Using Another One of Those Old Book Reviews for a July 12 Post…

After needing to do this three times in 2019, for personal posts written in June, October and, respectively, December of that year, I had managed to avoid needing to copy more of those old book reviews in order to create slots for personal posts and delay the moment when I’ll need to give up on […]

Swollen Feet Lead to a Day at the Emergency Hospital

Noticing how badly swollen my feet were and seeing that nothing I tried seemed to bring the swelling down in any noticeable way scared me enough that, when I showed pictures to Alma and she urged me to go to a doctor the next day, I actually started considering it. And, since I was likely […]

Second Jab: Worse Effects, Quicker Recovery… I Hope…

Friday I had the second dose of the vaccine, so I’ll catch up on the rest at some later point and this post will just be about that day, which started at 9 AM, when the alarm woke me up. I was drizzling as I was getting ready, but I left at 10:45 AM, also […]

Dream Trek Summer Edition 2021

In the previous personal post, I skipped ahead as we started running, a few minutes after the scheduled time of 9:03 PM, at sunset. We did that directly, with no warm up, since it was raining and we were already running late. The rain soon eased, however, and with everyone bar me and one other […]