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Statistics Marking Five More Years

Even if it’s quite a pain to put together something like this and as of this year it’s that much worse, considering the limited time I spend on-line, this post is meant to be like the one from five years ago, being far more thorough than normal and marking the end of a “cycle”, after […]

Just Purchases, Loose Shoelaces and Biscuits

Keep going to bed late, of course, the only time when it wasn’t after 5:15 AM during this period being Monday morning, “compensated” by the fact that Tuesday morning it was even 5:25 AM, despite checking next to none of the usual stuff on-line that night, since I only started eating at 3:15 AM and […]

Under 3:25? Try Just Under 3:45… And Walking a Good 10% of the Distance…

Forgot to mention in the previous personal post that, when I meant to get myself some watermelon after last Thursday’s run and purchases, I “managed” to spill a lot of its juice on myself, and the slipper much of it ended up on is still sticky. Since it was overripe, we had placed it upside […]

Before Another Long Run… Which I Find Downright Scary…

Sunday there were no visits recorded again, but this post should actually start with that day’s early hours, so with Saturday night, when I checked Carrefour’s site and noticed that they offered free shipping on orders over 40 RON made up of products from a list of discounted ones made that weekend, and when I […]

Reading Again and Running After Rain

Saturday I started reading The Count of Monte Cristo and now I’m just shy of a third of the way through, on pace to finish it in less than three weeks, so I hope I’ll manage that and at least remain two books behind this year. I still believe I read it before, at my […]