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Catching Up on June… After a Full Week of August…

On June 6, I had more of a breakfast, including an egg salad, albeit with just a small sweet thing and no bread, and left at 5:25 PM, going to the main Library location, near Romana Square, to return the books and maybe try to find the other one again, even if the system was […]

I Guess I Managed to Avoid Getting COVID-19 Long Enough…

While including last Friday in this post otherwise would be irrelevant, I will start by saying that I did find that I had a little bit to spit out when I woke up that day. Still, while it was unusual, I didn’t pay much attention to that, and there were no other symptoms that day, […]

Dream Trek Summer Edition 2022

As I was saying, sunset was at 9:04 PM, but we started running at 9:11 PM and a television crew was with us for about half of that short eastern first leg, stopping in a couple of places and filming us as we ran past. Or maybe it was a little more than half, since […]

Would Have Been 20

I almost ended up doing the same thing I did last year, using another one of those old book reviews in order to create a “slot” for this post, but Webb‘s first images provided too good of an opportunity for a post that, while admittedly being embarrassingly brief and shallow, nevertheless created this “slot” for […]

The Last Two Runs Before This Summer’s Dream Trek and the Abandoned Order

I ran again on June 15, getting up after the alarm rang, at 2 PM, though I’m not sure how much I slept after getting up to pee just after 11:30 AM, since I then fed Micky a little and waited for her to eat, then kept trying to find a more comfortable position after […]