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Breakdowns, Major ISP, Kingmaker, Phone, Deposit and Jacket

I guess I’m writing an update this week after all, setting something up temporarily in order to post it and move that scheduled post again. Ended up at one of the major ISPs now, since no such networks operate in this area anymore, but I won’t accept that this is something permanent, won’t share the […]

Written Before Losing Internet Access to Have Something to Post After…

Writing this while I still have Internet access and scheduling it to be posted at 11:59 PM on Friday, since if I won’t find a suitable replacement by then, I highly doubt I will over the weekend and want to make sure I’ll still have two posts this week. If I will find a suitable […]

Best Run Times at the End of 2019

It’s time for another one of these posts, obviously just for my own use, likely including as a way to stay at least somewhat motivated. That’s actually been a problem recently and is likely to become even worse of one, but I already signed up for this year’s half marathon and marathon, so I’ll need […]

Honey, Other Heavy Purchases and Being Fucked Up Again

Four years ago, I was writing a post about buying honey from this guy at the Christmas fair, and said post had “Honey” and “Being Fucked Up” in the title. Well, now I bought more honey from that same guy, also at the Christmas fair, and the post title includes those same terms. However, back […]

Network Worries Confirmed, Test Results, Even Faster Squats, Nose and a Reunion

Unfortunately, and frighteningly, my fears about the future of the network I’m in were proven correct on Thursday, when dad finally got around to calling the guy to meet and pay, after I pestered him about it for weeks. When they met, he was told that those health problems are serious and he can’t deal […]