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Matching the Squats Record and Finishing Lionheart on the 15th Lonely July 12

With two posts already written this week and this needing to be a personal one on a Sunday, even considered not writing a July 12 post this year. That did happen once before, in 2015, but it feels like a sacrilege and that fact still weighs on me, even more so since it was a […]

Another Game Received and Another Slow Run

After my parents left Thursday evening, I managed to nap for about an hour, and then when I went out of the kitchen while making the salad later I saw another one of those large black cockroaches, this time right there, among the shoes, and it didn’t escape. Otherwise, Liza doesn’t seem to be hissing […]

Another Half Marathon Distance, Concerned About How Slow I’m Getting

Sunday there were no visits recorded again, and Liza behaved even more oddly as I was eating at night. Had left the door open and at one point she just came in and curled up next to me, being really calm and quiet, and after a bit seemed to ask to be scratched. Hissed at […]

Jars and Bottles, Carrying Even More, Receiving the Replacement Phone

I’ll start by saying that this week I finally managed to persuade myself to get all the jars and bottles in one place, take a picture and send it to the woman who had said she’ll take all of those anyone has to give back when I first went to help with those recycling kits, […]

Dream Trek Summer Edition 2020

Dad was saying the daughter of the woman living above us should come Saturday morning, between 11 AM and noon, to have a look at the damage caused by the flooding, and then he’ll leave to go to my grandmother’s, so when I woke up at 11:50 AM I waited, even if it was quiet. […]