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Under 1:16 for 16 Kilometers, Little Protest, Mouse Issues, Receiving Another Game

Obtaining the fastest time over 16 kilometers on the way to covering a half marathon distance and not even having a picture of it as proof couldn’t stand, right? So, the goal of yesterday’s run was to improve, the target times adding up to 1:16:40, though I also allowed for 1:16:45 and would have even […]

Seven Seconds Faster Over Ten Kilometers

This week’s run was Wednesday, and the time was 46:32, beating the previous record for ten kilometers by seven seconds! Sector times were 4:12, 4:58, 5:36, 4:22, 4:53, 5:41, 4:23, 4:53, 5:46 and 1:48, making for lap times of 14:46, 14:56 and 15:02. But this time around I actually have every single exact time as […]

More Days With No Visits and Catching Up: Botanical Garden and Baneasa Forest

To start with some more recent matters, yesterday I noticed that what had remained of those fig trees behind the building, after that woman tore most of them up last year, had been cut. Not completely, but the parts of trunks left likely have less than a meter, all being chopped at about the same […]

New Record Over a Half Marathon Distance

Covered a half marathon distance again yesterday, and despite the conditions I managed a time of 1:42:52, beating the previous record by 1:12! Sector times were 4:19, 5:08, 5:48, 4:27, 4:55, 5:47, 4:26, 5:00, 5:50, 4:29, 5:05, 5:52, 4:32, 5:10, 5:59, 4:41, 5:17, 6:07, 1:53, 6:12 and 1:55, making for lap times of 15:15, 15:09, […]

New Second Bests for Both 16 and Ten Kilometers

This will be long, and I wrote it over two days, despite leaving the Botanical Garden part, where I volunteered again on March 24, for another time. Also considered taking part in an event to clean up a certain area of the city, this morning, but decided against it. And when I started writing it […]