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Clean Air Protest, Starting to Prepare for the Half Marathon, Catching Something

Writing this in pieces again, and off-line, and a bigger problem is that I might have caught something, so I should probably spend more time in bed instead of doing this. Did stay there for over three and a half hours Tuesday evening, since I also felt like I had a bit of a fever, […]

Running Tights and 2020’s First Sunday Update

Timed the squats today, 2:13, but otherwise I just caught up with reading, after being unable to do so yesterday, even ending up finishing a chapter on the toilet, before taking a bath at night, to only end up some 30 pages short. No idea how many years it’s been since I read a book […]

Surprisingly Fast Squats, Phone Sent Back, Messed Up Order, Snow

Monday I started The Way of Kings, so now I’d rather get back to reading, and also to playing Ascension to the Throne, and did so as I wrote this, on and off, over two days, before posting it on the third. Not sure what the week’s second post will be at this point, and […]

As Expected, Shutting Down Because of Connection Situation and Dad

This week’s run was Monday, and the time was the third fastest so far over ten kilometers, 46:31.39, with sector times of 4:13.24, 4:58.22, 5:39.20, 4:24.32, 4:57 (4:56.20), 5:43 (5:42.93), 4:23 (4:22.96), 4:51.11, 5:35.72 and 1:48 (1:47.49), making for lap times of 14:50.66, 15:04 (15:03.45) and 14:49.79, which also means a new fastest lap three. […]

Breakdowns, Major ISP, Kingmaker, Phone, Deposit and Jacket

I guess I’m writing an update this week after all, setting something up temporarily in order to post it and move that scheduled post again. Ended up at one of the major ISPs now, since no such networks operate in this area anymore, but I won’t accept that this is something permanent, won’t share the […]