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It’s Been a Long Time Since I Completely Wasted a Personal Post Like This…

It has happened in the past, but for a very long time I managed to throw something on here in order to have two posts, on two separate days, each week, without needing to resort to something so pointless, and to such a waste of a personal “slot”. But I only barely managed to finish […]

Taking the New Camera for the First Time at a Tree Planting Event

After all of the effort made this week and with a tree planting event today, my plan for yesterday was to cook something, eat, and then get back in bed. But I also had to at least put my whites in the washing machine, since I had already skipped changing my undershirt and t-shirt, so […]

An Outstanding First Sector and Two Poor Runs, Plus Washing Machine Problems

In the salad made in the early hours of March 4, I once again used a regular onion, this time not even one that was starting to sprout, since I yet again didn’t have green onions. And I started eating dinner at 3:15 AM, but still managed to finish at 3:40 AM. Then I got […]

The Remaining Odds and Ends from June, 2023, Including "That" June 19

On June 10, Liza woke me by meowing at 8:20 AM, and since dad had said that he won’t be able to go to Penny and get the second 150 RON voucher that I had won, from the same store, until at least three days later, so on the last day of the sale that […]

New Headphones and Mouse and Starting to Prepare for the Half Marathon

On February 17, I set the alarm to ring at 8:50 AM, to watch ski jumping, during which time I didn’t just have breakfast, but eventually decided to also eat the expired walnuts with Himalayan salt that I still had, so I got almost 850 calories just from those, but I was going to need […]