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It All Seems So Unreal… And Dad’s Still Awfully Infuriating

The situation feels simply unreal. That’s also because a full quarantine was declared here as well, starting yesterday, but mainly because of the world’s response in general, because all of this is being done for this reason when hardly anything seemed possible for the much bigger problems, and because even those actively campaigning so far […]

Another Half Marathon Distance, Dad Again Being Infuriating, Finding Elena P.

I’ll take things nearly chronologically, starting with March 9, when I saw 10:53 AM when I got up and thought I might as well go out early, managing to do so just before noon, taking the recyclables as well. Since dad wanted cabbage, I first checked the price at this nearby store, but had seen […]

ESET, Lionheart and Recovering from the Flu

Tuesday I finally got around to restoring from that backup, which seems to have worked just fine, and the next day I started another trial of ESET Antivirus. At least they made that initial scan faster, lasting “only” a little over seven hours this time around, but the main thing I want to know is […]

Another Flu, Small Protest, Finishing The Way of Kings and Ascension to the Throne

The review for Ascension to the Throne should have been the week’s first post, but doubt I’d have managed to post it in time to avoid this becoming another Sunday update, so I’m writing the personal post first and then have to hope I’ll at least finish that by the end of the week. A […]

Clean Air Protest, Starting to Prepare for the Half Marathon, Catching Something

Writing this in pieces again, and off-line, and a bigger problem is that I might have caught something, so I should probably spend more time in bed instead of doing this. Did stay there for over three and a half hours Tuesday evening, since I also felt like I had a bit of a fever, […]