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Planting Trees with Little Effort at Manastirea

The fact that yesterday’s tree planting event seemed at the time to be the only one that I’ll attend this spring made how it actually went even more disappointing, but I was there and did, in fact, plant quite a lot of trees, so I’ll write about it now, starting with the early hours of […]

December 30 and Early January

I was agitated on the morning of December 30, stressing about the day, so I had already woken up even before that, but after waking up at 8:40 AM or so and getting up to pee a few minutes later, there was no way to get back to sleep, since at 8:50 AM dad woke […]

December’s Odds and Ends, Minus December 30

On December 2, I finished Soulkeeper and also grabbed and started reading the free short story, A Gift of Faeries and Firekin. And just after midnight I finished The Stuff Fairy Tales Are Made Of, so I’ll consider that I finished it on December 3, even though it was only a minute or so after […]

Best Run Times at the End of 2022

Since I finally managed to post about the last two runs from 2022, it’s time for another one of these posts, obviously just for my own use, likely including as a way to stay at least somewhat motivated. True, I obtained truly outstanding times in 2022, including new personal bests for all distances except 35.2 […]

The Last Two Runs from 2022 and the First One from 2023

On December 23, I got up at 1 PM, when the alarm rang, after sleeping unusually well. Then I had the usual stuff, again with two of those nicer biscuits, with added honey, as the sweet thing, and left at 3:25 PM. I had considered running in what I was wearing inside those days, but […]