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The Remaining Odds and Ends from April

Considering the number of runs that I’m yet to write about, I should catch up on some of those, but after Friday’s awful long practice run, I just can’t do that, so I’ll get back to old odds and ends, starting with April 14, when I was making a note of the fact that there […]

Odds and Ends from the Last Third of March and the First Third of April

On March 24, I first woke up at 8 AM, when the computer did the daily backup, and after a while I went to pee and dad was still awake and said that my grandmother was in a bad shape. Then, at 10:05 AM, the store called about the kitchen scale I had ordered, after […]

The Three Regular Runs After Dream Trek Summer Edition 2023

On June 30, I got up when the alarm rang, at 2 PM, and had the usual stuff… It seems that I didn’t write down what I had as the sweet thing, however, so I almost certainly added honey on whatever it was, but whether that was a slice of cozonac, a large doughnut brought […]

Planting Trees and Losing the Camera on April 8 and the Following Events

In the early hours of April 8, before dinner, I ended up doing 300 squats, since I had been skipping days and had kept putting off doing them that day as well. Then I meant to eat and go to bed earlier, since, contrary to what I had thought three weeks earlier, there was another […]

Dream Trek Summer Edition 2023 – II

Picking up from where I left off, it was close to 1:20 AM when we reached the second refreshment stop, also on Victoriei, in another store, which we could actually enter. There was some Coca Cola, which finished quickly, and water, but instead of the small bottles that could be taken by each participant, there […]