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Just Catching Up Before Planting Trees at Videle Again

Tomorrow I’ll be going to plant trees again, and again at Videle, since I signed up for the event of the same group that organized the last two such events I took part in, back in spring, this actually seeming to be the only such event open to volunteers from Bucharest this autumn. So I’m […]

Two Runs and Another Chipped Tooth or Filling

Should have written this earlier today, but should still manage it even if I’m starting quite late, after playing Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic a fair bit more, while it’s really choppy but at least still starts. Finished the first scenario of the Syron campaign Thursday, actually doing it the way I was meant to, […]

Botanical Garden, Two Runs, Four Days with No Visits, Carrying Heavy Stuff

A lot to cover in this post, but I’ll start with the issue that has to do with the site itself, which is that, at least according to Google Analytics, there were no visits on October 26 and November 1, 3 and 6. It may also be a matter of the new privacy controls starting […]

It’s Only Once That You Run Your First Marathon

Ran my first marathon over a week ago and I’m yet to write a post about it, so I definitely must fix that now. Meant to do so yesterday, but helped dad with some work in the kitchen and also started reading Songs in the Year of the Cat, so decided to just keep reading, […]

After the Marathon: SSD and Replaced Keyboard

Since it seems I’m still not getting around to writing about the marathon itself and I signed up to volunteer at the Botanical Garden this autumn as well and I’ll be going there in the morning, let me at least try to go over the days after the race, starting from October 15. Yes, I […]