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The Remaining Odds and Ends from May and the First Week of June

I was thinking that I won’t post about days that don’t include runs or other notable events anymore, the last such post being on September 3, but I guess I’ll go for it after all, maybe at least in order to get myself to finally post about that June 19 that I referred to multiple […]

More New Games and Run Number 500!

To start with the part about the games, before going to bed on the morning of February 9 I had gone ahead and entered a raffle for GreedFall: Gold Edition in The Community Giveaway on the GOG.com forums, since that’s how higher value games are now handed out… And I ended up winning the game, […]

(Not So) Long Walks to "Pay" With PET Bottles and Not Only – 2023 Edition – IV

Since I already wrote about November 18, I’ll start this post about the last part of Carrefour’s campaign, when it moved to Vulcan, with November 19, when I did the day’s squats, had lunch, and left just before 6:40 PM, with 33 recyclables, including the three cans left from the previous day, the seven straightened […]

Investment Fund and Three More Runs

In the early hours of January 15, after only starting to shave at 1:15 AM and then still having things to wash and clean in the kitchen, and also one of my breads to deal with, I ate dinner between 3:30 AM and 4:05 AM, and then I got in bed at 5:25 AM. I […]

(Not So) Long Walks to "Pay" With PET Bottles and Not Only – 2023 Edition – III

On November 14, the loud drilling and banging woke me at 7:30 AM. I initially got back in bed after going to pee, but there was no way to sleep with that noise, so at 8 AM I got up, also adding four more bottles that granted two products and the five that dad had […]