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Another Record, Deposit and Annoying Talk, and Back at the Botanical Garden

Wrote most of this Monday, but since I didn’t finish it then, waited until today, to be able to post today’s run as well. Had some of those rice things to eat before going again, and the conditions seemed good enough, with a reported temperature of 28°C and not too much wind, but it’s really […]

This Time I Did Run on July 12

Unlike last year, this time around I did end up running today, and I didn’t even have to, this being the week’s second run, without the forecast for next week making it seem that I won’t have a chance, so I just added to the buffer just in case it’ll be needed at some later […]

A Huge Sunday Update to Cover Two Weeks

Yesterday morning I was woken up by drilling, or something of the sort, around 10:20 AM, and then decided to try playing that game on Carrefour’s site one more time, with the last unused receipt I had, after having tried with the other two before going to bed that morning, yet none of these three […]

Dream Trek Summer Edition 2019

Friday the organizers put up the post about the event, which is in Romanian but includes plenty of pictures, though oddly enough not the group shot from the start, so I guess I should finally get to the part I skipped in the previous personal post, starting when I left, at 8 PM, and minutes […]

Before and After Dream Trek Summer Edition 2019

First, fired one of those final shots I have to keep the number of personal posts below that of non-personal ones, by copying one more of those old quick reviews, so now there are 31 left. Considered adding another quick game review, to make it an actual new post and get rid of the week’s […]