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Two Runs and Reasons for Concern… Later Confirmed…

I’ll again start the post by mentioning a day with no visits recorded, March 2, and then move on to last Wednesday, when I woke up when the alarm rang, at 2 PM, after my brain spent most of that morning making me aware of some science fiction story it had apparently been working on, […]

A Poor Half Marathon Run, Much Walking, Broken Utensil and Hacking Attempts

There were no visits again on February 21, but this post really starts with Monday, when I again woke up a couple of minutes before the alarm rang, at 11:30 AM, being quite sure that it was about to ring and waiting for it, not getting up to check the time first. That’s because some […]

A Good and a Poor Run, Odds and Ends and Annoying Liza

Last Monday I did start Shadows of Self, though at first I meant to give up on the idea when dad asked me to transcribe something for him just when I had decided to push forward in Venetica, to advance before starting to read in order to have a better chance to be able to […]

Quick Sunday Update After the Longest Ever Post… So Far…

Now that I finally went through it, I can say that the longest post I ever wrote has 7622 words, or 7629 if you also include the title. The one I believe held this “record” before had 7459, or 7465 including the title, meaning that it’d have just remained the longest if I wouldn’t have […]

State Bonds, Games, MilkyWay@home Issues and… Dad

Last Monday, the alarm was set to ring at 1 PM, but when I woke up and saw 12:08 PM, I decided to get up. It was rainy and windy outside at that point, but I went out just before 2 PM and the rain stopped just then, though the wind remained and there were […]