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Crowded Park, Little Sleep, Dad Doing It Again

Monday I was woken up at 9:35 AM by a call from someone from the firm that’s supposed to service my phone, asking whether those supposed to pick it up contacted me. When I said they didn’t and that I was actually wondering about it, she said they ask because some clients just change their […]

An Even Worse Run, Various Issues, Still Waiting to Send Phone in Service Again

With the current use of script blockers, plus some of the options available to people directly, Google Analytics sure is becoming less and less useful. For example I know it doesn’t display Sonya’s visits, and now, last Friday evening, somebody told me he spent hours reading my blog, but there was no trace of that […]

A Poor Run Follows the Good One… And My Calf Worries Me

Monday seemed to be the week’s only day with a relatively low risk of rain, the forecast listing storms otherwise. For that reason, it should have been the week’s running day, but with my left calf still vehemently complaining about being forced in such a manner during Friday’s run, that’d have been particularly unwise. At […]

Unexpectedly Good Half Marathon Run Thanks to Impromptu Running Partners

Instead of recovering after yesterday, I ended up being woken up around 9:30 AM today as well, by the message notifying me that my phone credit will become inactive tomorrow unless recharged. And, unlike yesterday, despite the lack of noise, I couldn’t get back to sleep at all after that, ending up thinking that I […]

Sunday Update Instead of the Half Marathon…

The half marathon should have taken place today, but instead I can’t even run through the park. Those in Sector 2 have just been opened again, but as far as I know the rest are still closed, and will probably remain closed until at least Friday, when we’ll no longer be under the state of […]