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Air and Forests Marches, Recycling Kits and Vegetables for Plastic Bottles

Last Saturday I woke up at 9 AM, when the alarm rang, and was out the door at 10:15 AM, having the metro card but walking to the National Library. My back started hurting as I rushed to cross a street, but I was careful after that and it got better, so I got there […]

Botanical Garden Autumn Cleaning and Colectiv Fire Commemoration

Meant to try writing this yesterday, but decided to clean around here a bit right after waking up, since I ended up being alone these days after all and what I did outside of my room as well will at least last until Saturday afternoon, when dad will be back. And then caught up on […]

Bitdefender, New (Electronic) Books, Venetica and Two Runs

Last Friday I just quickly checked a few things after waking up and then finally restored the system from that older backup, also taking the opportunity to uninstall Flash after the updater supposedly ran twice but nothing happened, then reinstalled the updates and Venetica. Somewhat oddly, Comodo Firewall took issue with Venetica this time around […]

Another Half Marathon Distance Before Turning 35

Turned 35 today, but that doesn’t mean much; just this ball of metal and rock that we keep trashing so dreadfully being pretty much in the same spot on its orbit as it was when I was unfortunately thrown onto it through no choice of my own one more time. May say that it’s a […]

Arcabit, Venetica and a Tiny Protest

With my trial of Arcabit Antivirus nearing its end, today I installed this month’s Windows updates, to see how it goes before what I mean to do next, which is restoring from that backup again and trying something else. And the updates themselves seem to have gone well, but after it rebooted the second time, […]