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2021 Political Compass and Political Coordinates Results

This will make me run out of slots for personal posts again and I really should be using the fact that I can spend more time on-line these days to at least add another “New Finds” post. But I did just retake both the Political Compass and Political Coordinates tests this evening, for the first […]

Political Coordinates Result

Somebody posted today on a group about those on another group taking the Political Coordinates Test, so gave it a go as well, since it definitely seemed very similar to Political Compass and I wanted to see whether the result will differ significantly from the one I got the last time I took that one, […]

Eysenck Test

Since it was mentioned in Quiet, looked up this test, or some version of it at least, and took it as I read the book, saving the result because I thought there’d be more tests mentioned that I’ll end up taking by the time I’ll finish, so I meant to post all results at once. […]

2017 Life Rating Update

Saw that I had posted and shared the result I got three years ago at the time and it seemed like a decent amount of time had passed to take this again. Expected an improvement in body score, a drop in spirit and finance, and a more or less similar mind score, though of course […]

2014 Political Compass Result

Took the Political Compass test again a few days ago, and once again found that I slid even further left since the last time, so I’m just putting the result here now for future reference. I first learned of this test in 2006 or 2007 and probably took it about six or seven times since […]