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Political Coordinates Result

Somebody posted today on a group about those on another group taking the Political Coordinates Test, so gave it a go as well, since it definitely seemed very similar to Political Compass and I wanted to see whether the result will differ significantly from the one I got the last time I took that one, […]

Eysenck Test

Since it was mentioned in Quiet, looked up this test, or some version of it at least, and took it as I read the book, saving the result because I thought there’d be more tests mentioned that I’ll end up taking by the time I’ll finish, so I meant to post all results at once. […]

2017 Life Rating Update

Saw that I had posted and shared the result I got three years ago at the time and it seemed like a decent amount of time had passed to take this again. Expected an improvement in body score, a drop in spirit and finance, and a more or less similar mind score, though of course […]

2014 Political Compass Result

Took the Political Compass test again a few days ago, and once again found that I slid even further left since the last time, so I’m just putting the result here now for future reference. I first learned of this test in 2006 or 2007 and probably took it about six or seven times since […]

2014 Life Rating Update

Since the plan for today is to catch up on lost sleep and finish reading Heiress of Healing, all you’re getting are updated results for this test. Stumbled into the previous time I posted this, during the summer of 2010, while checking things after my hosting provider announced completing a server upgrade, so thought it […]