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Five to One Now?

Picked this up from Gabi a little while ago. Actually, picked up the things to say from there, as the original asked people to ask for one or more of these things in the comments and the poster would have to answer each time. But it struck me that, since I did that “ten to […]

Ten to One

Picked this up from Ami, who posted it in two versions nearly two years apart. There were four differences between the versions, so I picked what I thought was the most relevant option for each of those four places and then filled it. For each part, I tried to rank according to importance, frequency or […]

Holiday Gift Wishlist

Let’s take a little break from the “regular programming” for a moment. I picked this up from somewhere, so here goes: – Write a post. The post should contain your list of ten holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple to really big. The important thing is to make sure that […]

20 Years Later – II

Continued from the previous post… 18. Please state how much confidence you have in the following public institutions: Note: This is all the available data, specifically stating that the value listed is the sum of those who picked “very much” and “pretty much”. For my own answers, I’ll assume that the other options were “not […]

20 Years Later – I

An NGO from here released a survey through which they supposedly attempted to figure out Romanians’ views on “democracy, citizenship and civic participation” 20 years after the fall of Communism. In fact it’s 20 years since the NGO in question was founded, close to 21 since the fall of Communism, but doesn’t matter. I’ll just […]