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Been saving this result for a time when I’ll get to the end of the week with a single post and in too crappy a mood to write anything non-personal but not quite bad enough to feel sorry for myself in writing yet again. And this is such a time, so here it is. Forgot […]

Updated Life Rating

Crashed two days earlier than I “should” have, so this is all you’ll be getting from me right now. Retook the Rate My Life Quiz, so here you go: This Is My Life, Rated Life: 3.1 Mind: 2.3 Body: 5.7 Spirit: 2.9 Friends/Family: 1.2 Love: 0 Finance: 3.6 Take the Rate My Life Quiz For […]

Some More Questions – III

Two and a half months after the first part and nearly three weeks after the second, it seems that I’m finally going to finish answering these questions. So let’s see how it’ll turn out. Am I greedy? Quite the opposite. I tend to worry whenever I get something I’m not sure I need and really […]

Some More Questions – II

It’s been nearly two months since I answered the first part of these questions, so it’s probably about time to continue. At first I meant to answer all of them at once, then to split them into two posts published no more than a week apart, but now this is only part two out of […]

Some More Questions – I

Some time ago, a newspaper from here published a list of questions that, they said, everyone should ask themselves. They probably just needed to fill an empty spot on the page with something, picked this list up from somewhere and published it, but I thought the questions were interesting enough, though nothing new, so I […]