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COVID-19 Is No Longer a Public Health Emergency of International Concern

I’m going to completely ignore what’s supposedly the day’s event on the international stage, but I’m going to point out a piece of news from yesterday that seems to have received less attention than it should have, which is the fact that, shortly after releasing an updated COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan, which should […]

A Million Confirmed Cases, 25000 Deaths, Hospitals Overwhelmed…

This afternoon’s report marked two milestones for Romania, the totals reaching over one million confirmed COVID-19 cases and over 25000 deaths, the exact numbers provided being 1002865 and, respectively, 25006. The number of confirmed daily cases has been dropping lately, however, even though the number of tests remains pretty much the same, and Bucharest seems […]

Finally, Some Measures, Yet Still Far too Little

At least now that the official results for the local elections were released this week, the authorities started implementing some measures meant to get the COVID-19 situation back under control. But they waited far too long, the number of confirmed daily cases having doubled over the past couple of weeks, the number of people in […]

Criminal Incompetence and Negligence as the Situation Worsens in Romania

When I mentioned having another quick post in mind, but avoiding it because it required more time, attention and, most importantly, skill, I was referring to one stating that, with how things are going, we’re getting to the point where we’d need a new and proper lockdown implemented worldwide, with only military and medical personnel […]

We Need Widespread Testing and a Cure… And Support for the Helpers!

I keep wondering why did the new coronavirus take anyone by surprise. Or, if anything, why aren’t people surprised that it took so long for this to happen and that it’s so mild. Yes, it’s not a common cold, which is what its “cousins” that we’re used to cause, or even “just a flu”, but […]