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When Should Life Be Extended?

Over a year ago, I was writing a post about the priority people of different ages should receive, on average, when it comes to healthcare. Some conclusions could be derived from that, and in part they have been pointed out in the post in question, but a recent conversation made me want to spell out […]

Why Are We Making Our Bodies Destroy Themselves?

It would appear that, in between long stretches of time spent simply thinking in the dark and silence, I’m somewhat unusually productive tonight, so let me try writing this now as well instead of waiting for next evening as it seems to be the rule lately. Oddly enough, though I was far from certain that […]

Age and Healthcare

Many are concerned about the aging population, by which they mean an increase in the average age of the people who are currently alive. Many of those who share that concern claim that the cause is the lower number of births. I say the problem is that old age is drawn out for far too […]

Unethical Business Practices Meet Unfit Pet Owners

Ethics and business practices have little to nothing in common most of the time, the old adage stating that good business is manufacturing as cheaply as possible as many items as you could possibly sell at the highest possible price being the first rule in the vast majority of cases. Pharmaceutical companies, and the medical […]

Swine Flu

I had planned a rant about this topic for quite some time now and I guess this provides a good opportunity for it. Seriously, how can a more or less regular flu be declared a national emergency? Even if this particular virus originates from another species, it’s not noticeably more severe than those that cause […]