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Swine Flu

I had planned a rant about this topic for quite some time now and I guess this provides a good opportunity for it. Seriously, how can a more or less regular flu be declared a national emergency? Even if this particular virus originates from another species, it’s not noticeably more severe than those that cause […]

The Future of Contraception

Considering the fact that safe, reliable and easily accessible contraception is of crucial importance if we are to ever solve the overpopulation problem and that I see human overpopulation as by far the greatest problem this world is facing, it seems quite odd that I have hardly mentioned the issue so far. But now I […]

It’s Your Body…

Since my last post was also filed under Health, I remembered I had this rant planned for a long time… The study that first made me want to write it is also quite pointless if you look at the general idea, of course patients will be happier with doctors that suit their expectations, but there […]

How Can They Ask?

Remembered another pointless study I saw a while back… What do you know, negative life events, especially when more of them are grouped together within a relatively short period of time, trigger mental disorders… No shit, Sherlock? Honestly, who the fuck is even wondering about that, considering what things fall under “mental disorders” these days […]

Pulling Out Teeth

I keep wondering why are dentists so set against pulling out teeth. If there’s any bit of it still good, they’ll torture you till they patch it up as well as they can for a while longer, despite sometimes knowing that you’ll need to have it pulled out not that long afterwards anyway. I’d be […]