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Before the Start of Euro 2024

I guess it sounds fitting to have 24 teams in Euro 2024, but it’s just too much. It also makes for a weird competition format, with third placed teams indirectly competing with each other in a way that can’t possibly be fair and pairings and routes for the knockout phases that can’t be known ahead […]

Kasai Extends Records and Peter Prevc Retires in Glory as His Sister Wins

Eight years ago, I was writing about Noriaki Kasai and Peter Prevc at the end of the Ski Jumping World Cup season… And now I’m doing it again, even if Kasai’s position didn’t allow him to compete today and Peter Prevc only finished sixth, so it could be said that Friday’s competition was more relevant, […]

Glad to Have Been Wrong About the Outcome of Simona Halep’s Appeal

When Simona Halep received the original sentence, being banned for four years after having been suspended without trial for almost one, I was saying that I expected it to be the end of her career, since I didn’t think that the appeal would do more than halve one part of the sentence and therefore reduce […]

At Over 51 and a Half, Noriaki Kasai Scored in the Ski Jumping World Cup!

I was waiting for this moment a year ago, when international ski jumping competitions returned to Japan, but back then Noriaki Kasai took part in two qualifying sessions only to fail to make it through both times, the situation being particularly frustrating the first time around, when he was the first to miss out, by […]

Rapid’s Losses Are Expected, But the Manner Is Heartbreaking

Three months ago, I was expressing disappointment at the results obtained by CSM Bucuresti and Rapid in the Women’s Handball Champions’ League, especially since this may well be the last season when they have access to the funds that allow them to keep all those great players, and the transfers which have so far been […]