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Formula 1 Again Proved Insanely Safe… Slim Chances of Being Similarly "Green" Though

Grosjean’s crash sure proved the utterly insane safety of Formula 1 once again. Of course, the fact that the car broke in half and basically exploded, creating that fireball, can be seen as a problem, but for a crash like that, there may be no feasible way to be certain to prevent something like this. […]

Losing Just About All Interest in Tennis Because of Final Set Tie-Breaks

Was saying I’ll add another quick post last night, but didn’t have the time to do so then, so I’m adding it now. It has to do with the Australian Open confirming, not that it was still necessary, that final set tie-breaks make me lose pretty much any interest in tennis. Just knowing that they […]

What a Rotten Way to End Wimbledon 2019…

How rotten for this year’s Wimbledon to end with the first final set tie-break in a singles match. There had been two before today, but they had been in a men’s doubles match and a mixed doubles match, and while such a thing shouldn’t exist there either in a Grand Slam tournament, the others had […]

Roland Garros Remains the Only Major Tennis Tournament

Already said what I had to say on the matter two months ago, after the announcement that Wimbledon will introduce final set tie-breaks, albeit only at 12-12, so this will just be a quick post, but couldn’t fail to mention that now a similar announcement was made by Australian Open as well, and on short […]

Wimbledon Puts Another Nail in the Coffin of Tennis as an Endurance Sport

A few months ago, I was, in a way, praising the Wimbledon tournament for still allowing long matches, especially since it was the only tournament to do so for doubles as well, and renewing my calls to ensure that final set tie-breaks won’t be added to any of the tournaments where they don’t yet exist, […]