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World Cup 2018: Many Goals and Many Late Goals So Far

There would be quite a few things to say about this World Cup, one of the most important having to do with VAR, but this will just be a quick post, so I can’t get into that. Will just say that something like this should have been implemented a long time ago and so far […]

Pleased That Simona Halep Proved Me Wrong on Both Counts

A year ago I was saying that Simona Halep probably lost the best opportunity she’ll ever get to both leap to the top of the WTA rankings and win her first Grand Slam title. But a few months later she did become the number one, admittedly thanks to Serena Williams clearing the way and allowing […]

Wozniacki Deserved to Win But Simona Halep Should Be Proud

This year’s Australian Open women’s final finished a few hours ago, Caroline Wozniacki defeating Simona Halep 7-6 (7-2) 3-6 6-4 and not only finally winning her first Grand Slam title, but also returning to the top of the WTA rankings. Interestingly, after having initially climbed to that position on September 11, 2010, she had lost […]

Simona Halep Probably Lost the Best Opportunity She’ll Ever Get

Earlier today, Simona Halep played the second Roland Garros final of her career, which was also her second Grand Slam final. She played it against Jelena Ostapenko, ranked 47th in the world, and for a prize that included not only her first Grand Slam title, but also the first position in the WTA rankings. A […]

Big Teams Leaving It Late…

One thing’s clear during this Euro: Matches definitely are played all the way to the final whistle and there’s a lot of late drama, usually in the form of the favorites scoring late goals to win or at least seal the victory in matches during which their rivals had put up a great fight. Admittedly, […]