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Snooker Returning to China for the First Edition of the Wuhan Open Seems Fitting

I did raise an eyebrow as soon as I saw that this week’s snooker tournament takes place in Wuhan, but I remembered that there had recently been another one in China and I didn’t know whether any had taken place there last year, so it was only today, when I happened to hear that this […]

What a Bad Moment for Formula 1 to Extend the Contract with Pirelli

Not that the decision is any good in itself, considering how much of a limiting factor these tyres are, restricting how much the drivers can push so badly and having such a narrow operating window, but it looks really bad for Formula 1 to apparently agree to extend the deal with Pirelli until 2028, or […]

Simona Halep Finally Receives a Harsh But Expected Sentence

After being suspended, which can be seen as the equivalent of being detained without trial, for almost one full year, the sentence in Simona Halep‘s doping case finally came yesterday, so exactly when she completely dropped out of the WTA Rankings. But, if the timing seems highly suspicious, the sentence itself, however harsh, should have […]

Football Should Learn from How Handball Handles Playing Time

With all of the recent controversies regarding the increased amount of extra time in football matches, which I’d say have just culminated with the statement that this season’s Champions’ League matches won’t be “burdened” with these norms, I’m just going to say that football should really learn from handball’s handling of playing time. If the […]

Noriaki Kasai Tried But Failed to Return to the Ski Jumping World Cup

Just under three years since his last participation in the World Cup, Noriaki Kasai tried again now that international ski jumping competitions returned to Japan. However, unlike that previous time, he had to go through the qualification round, and he failed to do so both times, the first attempt being particularly frustrating, since he was […]