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India Lands on the Moon, Russia Crashes

It’s interesting that, back when I wrote about the failure of Phobos-Grunt, the post was also actually prompted by another space agency’s success, even if the two were further apart in time. Those were both launches, not landings, and the success was NASA‘s, not ISRO‘s, but the fact remains and once again makes Russia’s failure […]

Seems Like the SLS Is Not Ready for Use…

I was definitely hoping to make this week’s first post, the non-personal one, about what should have been the actual start of the Artemis Program, at least because it finally aims to take humans beyond Earth once again, even if it only means returning to where we obviously could already go over half a century […]

The Voyagers Turn 45… And Still Wait for Successors…

The Voyagers turn 45 today. Or, more exactly, Voyager 2 does, since Voyager 1 was actually launched later, on September 5. But that date is only a little over two weeks away and, despite the existing problems, there should be no risk of a major failure in such a short time. Whether they’ll both still […]

Webb’s First Images

It’s good to be wrong sometimes, and this was one of those moments, since I had misgivings about what the James Webb Space Telescope will be capable of and yet the first images, starting with the one that was released early, yesterday, definitely delivered. I mean, assuming that it was going to finally make it […]

Arecibo Being Torn Down Soon After SETI@home Shut Down Seems Fitting

I was saying that I’ve been spending much of the past few days walking a long route, and most of the rest of the time preparing for and recovering after such a walk, so I hardly have time for anything else, but I just noticed the news that the Arecibo Telescope will be torn down, […]