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It Takes World Population Day for World Leaders and NGOs to Pay Lip Service to the Problem

As usual, it takes World Population Day for the problem of overpopulation and its connection to all other major environmental and social problems to get at least some lip service from world leaders and major NGOs. This time around they even launched a campaign, signed by 150 organizations, but even that’s just about access to […]

BirthStrikers Show Hopelessness, Antinatalists for Environmental and Social Reasons Need Not

When I first saw an article about BirthStrikers, I meant to share it and praise them after reading the title, then changed my mind completely and considered them another facet of what’s wrong in the world when I reached that part about not wanting to discourage people from having children or condemn those who do. […]

Submission for The Guardian’s Population Podcast

When I saw that this month’s edition of The Guardian‘s We Need to Talk About… podcast will be about population, mainly in terms of its connection to climate change but also in terms of how else fewer children would affect the world, and that members were called to submit questions and views, I obviously had […]

World Population Day 2017 and Overpopulation Driving the Sixth Mass Extinction

While I’m still waiting for World Overpopulation Day and this year’s World Population Day official theme and statement stick to the same old obviously necessary but so far from being sufficient as to hardly be even worth mentioning when it comes to solving the overpopulation problem measures regarding access to voluntary family planning methods, emphasizing […]

A Moratorium on Breeding, Both Necessary and an Opportunity

I’m quite sure I was 16 when I started to become aware of the overpopulation problem, which means I’ve been increasingly concerned about it and increasingly adamant about the need to solve it by restricting births any means necessary for half my life at this point. However, until recently I was only specifically advocating drastically […]