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About the Paranoia Regarding the "Depopulation Agenda" of the "Elites"

I was sent a link today to yet another of those idiotic rants that are so popular among that particular breed of so-called “activists” that would perhaps be better referred to as simply rebels without a cause, or at least without a cause that makes sense and may be worth supporting, seeing as their behavior […]

Resources Wasted on Empty Words… Again

The results of another study, which apparently took two years to complete and is supposed to feed into the preparations for the Rio+20 summit in June, have been published. It shows that biodiversity loss is off the scale, the nitrogen cycle is completely out of control, climate change has already exceeded the safe margins, the […]

Global Population Speak Out or Leaders Dissipating a Movement’s Energy

For the past few years, February used to be the “action month” for the Global Population Speak Out movement. Those who pledged to act were supposed to do something for the cause at some point during the month and then report the action on the site, where it would be posted after being approved. It […]

Seven Billion

As you probably know, the world’s human population has just reached seven billion… Or more or less seven billion, considering the missing data and the guesswork required to make such an estimate. Not that the exact date is too important anyway. Then again, not even hitting this milestone has too much importance in itself, for […]

Childfree Vows

These days, I found myself randomly thinking about what vows could a childfree person be said to take in support of their choice. Knowing me, that resulted in a somewhat complicated text, with multiple variants and parts, covering different situations. This is more of an exercise and perhaps not to be taken quite so seriously, […]