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Ten-Day Comparison of Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4 and Matomo Analytics

I’m going to “cheat” and say that, since this may show some things that may be of some use to others, I won’t consider it a personal post, even though it’s basically another statistics post, and I’ll also use it to mention that Matomo Analytics didn’t report any visits on June 29, though both versions […]

MilkyWay@home Separation Ends, Roughly and with a Delay

The announcement, which I wrote about at the time, stated that the Separation project of MilkyWay@home was going to shut down on June 20, probably around 4 PM UTC, and a later post clarified that the entire project will be turned off, not only work generation, so any work reported back after that moment will […]

MilkyWay@home Separation Is Shutting Down

Tuesday it was announced that MilkyWay@home is shutting down the Separation project. The N-Body project will continue, but that’s only available as a CPU application for 64-bit Windows and Linux, so those of us still on 32-bit will no longer be able to take part in MilkyWay@home at all, along with those on Mac and […]

Warning: HonestGamers Is and Likely Has Been Harvested for Passwords!

I guess I won’t remove the links from my previous post, but it should be easy to understand why I won’t include any in this one, since the point is that it seems to be shockingly easy to inject code on HonestGamers and harvest passwords from anyone who views it while logged on. It’s sad […]

Another "New" MobyGames… Again Ruining the Place…

Oh, how “lovely”, the “new” MobyGames just hit, and took away what was literally the only site out of those that I frequently use, or used, that I still felt comfortable using, still being sufficiently “old school”, not plagued by “modern” design, crap meant for mobiles or touch on the desktop site, “streamlining”, feature removals… […]