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Warning: HonestGamers Is and Likely Has Been Harvested for Passwords!

I guess I won’t remove the links from my previous post, but it should be easy to understand why I won’t include any in this one, since the point is that it seems to be shockingly easy to inject code on HonestGamers and harvest passwords from anyone who views it while logged on. It’s sad […]

Another "New" MobyGames… Again Ruining the Place…

Oh, how “lovely”, the “new” MobyGames just hit, and took away what was literally the only site out of those that I frequently use, or used, that I still felt comfortable using, still being sufficiently “old school”, not plagued by “modern” design, crap meant for mobiles or touch on the desktop site, “streamlining”, feature removals… […]

E-Mail or Messaging Users: Guilty of Child Sex Abuse Until Proven Innocent

There seemed to be a fair amount of pushback lately against such privacy violations and treating everyone as criminals in general, including by powerful enough forces to make authorities think twice about pushing forward, but it seems that method two still works, since the European Parliament approved by a large majority the proposal to allow […]

Feedback for the Next Windows? All Right…

Now that the event supposedly announcing what’s next for Windows is approaching, I decided to check AskWoody again and saw a post asking for feedback for Windows 11… Which feedback is pointless to offer, of course, being pretty much the usual list of requests that Microsoft doesn’t care about, but on that site there may […]

Seems Like SETI@Home Shut Down for Good… Shortly Before I Got to 21 Years…

The server status page hadn’t updated since June 16, 14:50:03 UTC, and BOINC‘s scheduler requests had only resulted in messages that the project was temporarily shut down for maintenance, so in case anyone still had work units and wasn’t just holding on to them, they couldn’t report them either. But at least the message boards […]