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SETI@home at 21

According to the Wikipedia page, today marks 21 years since the SETI@home project was launched. I’m not exactly sure what the date refers to, seeing as the earliest archived technical news reports state that the Windows and Mac clients were released on May 13, but the official project launch was indeed on May 17. I […]

Saying Goodbye to SETI@home, Wondering What’s Next

When the announcement that SETI@home will enter hibernation and end volunteer processing on March 31 appeared, I assumed that the date wasn’t chosen only because it was the end of a month, but also because it was a Tuesday, which is the weekly maintenance day. For that reason, I also assumed that the last work […]

SETI@home Entering "Hibernation"

After 21 years of existence, SETI@home will cease sending work units and enter “hibernation” on March 31. According to the announcement, “the web site and the message boards will continue to operate” and it is possible that work will be distributed again in the future, if “UC Berkeley astronomers will find uses for the huge […]

The Witches’ Voice and Other Recent Web Casualties: Yahoo Groups, Care2…

For some reason, I seemed to recall that last month’s announcement specified that The Witches’ Voice will be taken off-line on December 6, so yesterday, and I found myself meaning to write a quick post about it. However, now that I actually looked at it again, I saw that it doesn’t specify a clear date, […]

Facebook Redesign May Mark the End for Internet Explorer… And Not Only…

Meant to write this last week, but with the opportunity for another quick non-personal post so readily presenting itself, I put it off, though the changed notification made me worry that the redesign may be launched soon and the post will end up coming after the fact, which I wanted to avoid. But, despite leaving […]