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E-Mail or Messaging Users: Guilty of Child Sex Abuse Until Proven Innocent

There seemed to be a fair amount of pushback lately against such privacy violations and treating everyone as criminals in general, including by powerful enough forces to make authorities think twice about pushing forward, but it seems that method two still works, since the European Parliament approved by a large majority the proposal to allow […]

Feedback for the Next Windows? All Right…

Now that the event supposedly announcing what’s next for Windows is approaching, I decided to check AskWoody again and saw a post asking for feedback for Windows 11… Which feedback is pointless to offer, of course, being pretty much the usual list of requests that Microsoft doesn’t care about, but on that site there may […]

Seems Like SETI@Home Shut Down for Good… Shortly Before I Got to 21 Years…

The server status page hadn’t updated since June 16, 14:50:03 UTC, and BOINC‘s scheduler requests had only resulted in messages that the project was temporarily shut down for maintenance, so in case anyone still had work units and wasn’t just holding on to them, they couldn’t report them either. But at least the message boards […]

SETI@home at 21

According to the Wikipedia page, today marks 21 years since the SETI@home project was launched. I’m not exactly sure what the date refers to, seeing as the earliest archived technical news reports state that the Windows and Mac clients were released on May 13, but the official project launch was indeed on May 17. I […]

Saying Goodbye to SETI@home, Wondering What’s Next

When the announcement that SETI@home will enter hibernation and end volunteer processing on March 31 appeared, I assumed that the date wasn’t chosen only because it was the end of a month, but also because it was a Tuesday, which is the weekly maintenance day. For that reason, I also assumed that the last work […]