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Current SETI@home Issues and The Clean Energy Project – Phase 2

With SETI@home currently running out of work units and, according to the following technical news posts, no hope for the situation to be solved this week, I had to look for another project to fill the gap and keep my computer busy. That meant I once again went through the list to see if any […]

Internet Slowdown

As you may already be aware, perhaps after noticing what appeared on the screen when you first visited various sites, including this one, today is the Internet Slowdown, which marks another step in the battle for network neutrality. Or the battle against cable company fuckery, as John Oliver puts it in his explanation of the […]

Stop Focusing on Facebook to Broadcast Your Content

For years now, sites seem to increasingly focus mainly or even exclusively on Facebook to broadcast new content, giving any and all other methods significantly less importance or even ignoring them completely, to the point of even removing options that users had in the past. In addition, Facebook elements are not only integrated into pages […]

Software Updates Make Hardware Upgrades Undesirable

Occasionally thought about this in the past as well, or at least for the past year or so, but recent events definitely made the issue gain a whole lot more importance in my mind and in fact I already posted a quick rant about it somewhere else, on top of longer ones sent to the […]

WePromise European Action Day

You might have noticed the new image that appeared on the sidebar last evening, promoting the WePromise European Action Day, which aims to demand that the next European Parliament defends digital civil and human rights. Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m not aware that today is a big day for the fight for Net Neutrality […]