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Software Updates Make Hardware Upgrades Undesirable

Occasionally thought about this in the past as well, or at least for the past year or so, but recent events definitely made the issue gain a whole lot more importance in my mind and in fact I already posted a quick rant about it somewhere else, on top of longer ones sent to the […]

WePromise European Action Day

You might have noticed the new image that appeared on the sidebar last evening, promoting the WePromise European Action Day, which aims to demand that the next European Parliament defends digital civil and human rights. Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m not aware that today is a big day for the fight for Net Neutrality […]

… And Goodbye, The Old Reader…

According to an announcement posted yesterday, The Old Reader will most probably become a private site within two weeks, the only accounts that will be transferred being those created before March 13, when it was first announced that Google Reader will be shut down on July 1, and those belonging to people who have recently […]

Goodbye, Google Reader… Hello, The Old Reader?

As announced back in March, Google Reader was shut down today. According to the message currently displayed when attempting to access the service, which also links to a list of alternatives, users who haven’t done so already will still be able to use Google Takeout to download a copy of their Google Reader data, likely […]

Forced Localization

I have to wonder, why do major sites that are also available in the official language of the country they detect you’re in automatically switch to it, regardless of your preferences? For example, lately I see YouTube switching my location, and the site version I see, to Romania instead of Worldwide every so often even […]