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Rosia Montana Inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List

After being postponed twice, the discussions about other sites stretching on, Rosia Montana‘s turn finally came yesterday and, after what seems to have been one of the easiest decisions of the current session, with no amendments or comments, it was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List! However, while it was one of the 13 sites […]

Climate, Air Pollution and Cancellations – March 3 to 12 in Bucharest

Not much will be happening here, or anywhere for that matter, over the coming weeks, and likely the coming months as well, but before the measures taken to slow the spread of the new coronavirus caused the events already planned to be canceled and made any new plans pretty much impossible, there were two more […]

Lack of Reaction, Health Care and Air Pollution – February 4 and 14 in Bucharest

There were various other reactions, comments and on-line actions during this period, as well as in the days preceding the protest at the Ministry of Health, but I’ll just focus on the protests on February 4 and 14, though I only attended the latter. Still, I should at least briefly mention that, apparently on January […]

Another Success at the Last Moment for Rosia Montana – January 22 to 31 in Bucharest

I’m in no state to give details and don’t know that many either, since I haven’t exactly been following things over the past month, but both the efforts and the success need to be marked. Only attended Thursday’s protest, which was small and quite clearly had no influence in the outcome, and didn’t even take […]

Budget Protest, Reunion, Turmoil in USR and Demos

There were various events commemorating 30 years since the Revolution last weekend, but while there were various comments and reactions and a few shared posts, I wouldn’t say that any actual event was promoted or supported by the “old guard”, so I won’t say anything else about that here. Not that I’d have much to […]