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Budget Protest, Reunion, Turmoil in USR and Demos

There were various events commemorating 30 years since the Revolution last weekend, but while there were various comments and reactions and a few shared posts, I wouldn’t say that any actual event was promoted or supported by the “old guard”, so I won’t say anything else about that here. Not that I’d have much to […]

Climate and Live Animal Exports – November 29 and December 2 in Bucharest

Friday there was another climate march, again as part of the events taking place around the world on that date, with several cities in Romania participating as well. However, with the planting taking place the next day, I didn’t attend and, if I stumbled upon relatively little information about the events that took place elsewhere […]

Housing, Colectiv, Air and Forests – October 27 to November 3 in Bucharest

It was a busy period here, with four protests, or three protests and one commemoration with an element of protest, in eight days. I don’t have much to write about the first one though, since I didn’t personally attend it and the media didn’t seem interested, so I didn’t find much information, though it was […]

Global Climate Strike – September 20 in Bucharest

Quite amazed by the turnout at yesterday’s march, despite the very low media attention and especially after the starting location was changed on short notice, the announcement that the march will start from the National Library instead of Cismigiu Park due to the authorities refusing the original plan being made Wednesday. Did see the announcement […]

A Year After August 10 – August 10 in Bucharest

A year after last year’s August 10 protest, people gathered in Victory Square again to demand a conclusion for the ongoing investigation and punishment for those responsible for the gendarmes’ intervention, and of course also to voice their current grievances, including those stemming from the handling of Alexandra’s case and the ensuing investigation. A small […]