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All Roads Lead to Bucharest – January 20 in Bucharest

A few more events took place since the previous protest report I posted, including a campaign during the last week of 2017, during which a group of people sent e-mails to members of the Parliament, mainly those who voted in favor of the changes to the laws concerning the justice system, or a band’s attempt, […]

Mere Hundreds in a March, Plus a Pointless Meeting – December 21 to 27 in Bucharest

The daily protests continued during this period, as when I looked for them I even found a couple of posts mentioning a few people who showed up, again in Victory Square, even on December 25 and 26, but otherwise I haven’t seen these daily protests promoted or even mentioned by the activists or pages I’d […]

Protesters Keep Fighting, But It’s Time to Regroup – December 10 to 20 in Bucharest

This will be a rushed protest update, but it’s either this or nothing, already too much to cover anyway, so I’ll lump things together and go through others as quickly as I can. While daily protests have continued, just moving to the Parliament now, this particular stage of this battle is quite lost anyway, most […]

National Day, Clear Square, EU Flag, FSC, Delayed Vote – December 1 to 9 in Bucharest

On top of what would be the typical Sunday protest, last week people were asked to attend one on Friday as well, since it was Romania’s National Day. The event was called “Romania Is Dying”, which was an admittedly sensationalist title, but the description also listed more general matters, such as healthcare, education and the […]

Activists, NGOs, Unions and Others Against the Government’s Plans – November 26 in Bucharest

Other protests and events took place since the last one I wrote a report for, but I neither attended nor followed closely enough to be able to write anything meaningful about any of those, only glancing at a few things about the short march from the Government to PSD’s headquarters that took place on November […]