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Quick Review: The Whitestar Queen

I randomly picked this up for free at some point, but it’s not even worth that, because there’s still the cost of the time wasted reading it, in case you actually do. As such, its one saving grace is that the page count seems wrong, because it only took me about an hour to read […]

Quick Review: The Hidden Life of Trees

Reading this book shortly after Brilliant Green probably made me have an even better opinion of it, since it’s so much better. The author presents a lot of information at a rapid pace, but to some extent also wraps it in a narrative and helps the reader draw some mental images that make it that […]

Quick Review: Brilliant Green

I ended up reading this book after the librarian recommended it when I borrowed another, which was also one that I had a relatively low interest in, since I couldn’t find the ones that I was actually curious about. And it’s short and easy to read, and it does contain some interesting information. Plus that […]

Quick Review: Scenes from the Heart

I’m not sure how much was lost in the Romanian translation of this book, but it’d have also been translated if I’d have read it in English and the sensationalist English title, “Our House Is on Fire: Scenes of a Family and a Planet in Crisis”, makes me have doubts about the rest of that […]

Quick Review: Fire and Blood

The comparison with The Silmarillion isn’t wrong or presumptuous, and in fact I’d say that the difference is that Fire and Blood is actually intended to be read instead of mentally “decompressed”. It may be a piece of the history of a fictional world, but it seems as “real” as it could possibly be. It […]