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Quick Review: League of Dragons

Overall, I guess it is a suitable ending for the series, though at the same time it may also seem a little forced, especially after the series had dragged on at times in the past, and even in this book itself there’s chapter five, which reads exactly like something written in order to just keep […]

Quick Review: Good Omens

Another book picked up from the Library. Since the edition I got is British, from 1991, and has fewer pages than later British editions, I assume it doesn’t include what was added in the US edition, and probably also in later British editions. But I did see a part about Warlock there at the end […]

Quick Review: Ivanhoe

Reading a classic wasn’t likely to turn out well, and it didn’t, but for some reason I found myself remembering taking a long look at the old Romanian edition of Ivanhoe that was among those given away after being set aside for this purpose some time ago by my dad, and grabbing the free Kindle […]

Quick Review: Hammers in the Wind

This may be a rushed review, but there wouldn’t have been that much to say either way. Hammers in the Wind is pretty average, or perhaps a better term would be common, in terms of writing and action and has little of note in terms of depth, worldbuilding or characters. For those reasons, coupled with […]

Quick Review: A Darkness at Sethanon

After Silverthorn, my expectations for A Darkness at Sethanon may have been quite low, but it hardly seems possible not to be surprised and amazed by it either way. The prologue sets the stage and, while the early chapters otherwise remind of the rather immature heroic fantasy from before and the supposed “surprises” are all […]