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Quick Review: Grim Work

Since I grabbed them for free and noticed that I can read them quickly and without struggling, I decided to continue with the adventures of Marigold the barbarian, now a chief without a clan, seeking vengeance. And I guess that Grim Work can be enjoyable if you pretty much unplug your brain and let yourself […]

Quick Review: The Crystal Keep

Despite being published after it, The Crystal Keep takes place before Grim Work and some reviews also state that it’s better to start with it, so I did. Not that I expected much, in fact just having a quick look through what was available for free, searching for something that I could read quickly and […]

Quick Review: The Blacktongue Thief

A lot of thought and effort was obviously put into this book, and into the world, many elements being presented in great detail, including a few that aren’t commonly “customized” as part of fantasy worldbuilding. This gives the impression that the series should have a truly epic scale, and the complications, if I may use […]

Quick Review: A Gift of Faeries and Firekin

This is just a sweet, heartwarming short story, most probably taking place shortly after the end of Soulkeeper. There’s little else to say about it, but it is nice that Puffy is the one who comes up with the idea and does a good part of the work, displaying some more of his abilities and […]

Quick Review: Soulkeeper

The premise of a world where magic suddenly returns, along with creatures that were remembered only as myths and legends, going all the way to demigods, is interesting enough. Somewhat as a fable, the book also makes some good points about humanity’s place in the world, albeit mostly in passing, and it depicts villains with […]