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Quick Review: Europe: A Natural History

The book is written well, at times even humorous, and definitely engaging and enjoyable throughout, which in itself is quite an achievement when you consider the topic. However, while it usually does a pretty good job of painting a picture in the reader’s mind, it does feel like it’d have been better as a documentary […]

Quick Review: The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming

Though “reality” did even “better”, considering how recent and yet already outdated the data is, it does a good job of pointing out how bad things are and how much worse they’re going to get, explaining thoroughly, spelling out both the urgency and the complexity of the situation. It also stresses that the disaster is […]

Quick Review: The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality

Expected an infuriating rose-tinted view of the present, and it does start that way, but it also makes plenty of good points, such as the value of knowledge over wealth and growth, the fact that things quite often get worse, and definitely that market forces can’t be trusted with progress and public works and policies […]

Quick Review: Shadowrun Returns Anthology

Read this not only without playing any of the games, but without any real knowledge of the Shadowrun universe in general, and what I can say after reading is that I’d rather keep it that way. Not that I wasn’t already leaning against even trying the games, despite getting them for free, just because I […]

Quick Review: Capital in the Twenty-First Century

On a recommendation, this likely marks the start of a year or so of non-fiction, translated too, and it was far easier to read and less infuriating than I thought. Current Leftist views of economics are necessary, the first part explains well and the facts and figures and explanations, as well as some of the […]