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Quick Review: A Gift of Faeries and Firekin

This is just a sweet, heartwarming short story, most probably taking place shortly after the end of Soulkeeper. There’s little else to say about it, but it is nice that Puffy is the one who comes up with the idea and does a good part of the work, displaying some more of his abilities and […]

Quick Review: Soulkeeper

The premise of a world where magic suddenly returns, along with creatures that were remembered only as myths and legends, going all the way to demigods, is interesting enough. Somewhat as a fable, the book also makes some good points about humanity’s place in the world, albeit mostly in passing, and it depicts villains with […]

Quick Review: The Cold Commands

After The Steel Remains, I expected to struggle through The Cold Commands, but I’m glad to say that it’s so much better. It’s still harsh, uncompromising, pulling no punches, but the author is no longer trying too hard, neither to shock nor to go through some third grade creative writing checklist. The characters are much […]

Quick Review: The Steel Remains

The combat scenes may initially be the one source of excitement, but you’ll eventually realize that much more thought and planning went into the world and characters than it first appears, and that you should have paid closer attention than you probably did. While never massive, the battle scenes become even more exciting, but there […]

Quick Review: The Tower of Fools

Not counting the prologue, which mainly consisted of a list of names that I couldn’t keep track of, the first few chapters were quite a joy to read, with good writing and humor. However, after a while it became a matter of pushing through, at least until chapter 25, which was when the author seemed […]