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Quick Review: The Lady of the Lake

As I was saying about The Tower of the Swallow as well, The Lady of the Lake is often confusing, flitting between a patchwork of times and places, switching points of view, not giving the characters room and sometimes leaving the reader with something of a puzzle to put together. However, though there’s something to […]

Quick Review: Aviatoarea (The Aviator)

Got this from a book exchange, so didn’t actually pay for it at least. Wouldn’t have given much even because of the size alone anyway, a more serious magazine likely being longer. Admittedly, that at least meant I could go through it quickly, but some problems could have been fixed by writing more, a lot […]

Quick Review: Snow in the Year of the Dragon

Before reading this, meant to write a full review intended to somewhat cover the entire series, also thinking this was the end of it. But… No. And it’s not the end anyway, though most of the time I sure hoped it would be, just to get it over with. Yes, I’d say the writing itself […]

Quick Review: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Refreshing willingness, even desire, to challenge and disturb, and nice writing style. Great start, and excellent point about sapiens having always been walking doomsday devices for the other species. Continues just as well, listing mistakes made through time, population growth negating any gains and creating more problems, loss in quality of life for most, the […]

Quick Review: Songs in the Year of the Cat

As I was also saying about the previous book in the series, definitely like the writing style, despite the fact that there are still some typos, the setting remains intriguing, battle scenes are even more thrilling, and by now the characters have really grown into their personalities, each with layers and facets and depth and […]