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Quick Review: Fire and Blood

The comparison with The Silmarillion isn’t wrong or presumptuous, and in fact I’d say that the difference is that Fire and Blood is actually intended to be read instead of mentally “decompressed”. It may be a piece of the history of a fictional world, but it seems as “real” as it could possibly be. It […]

Quick Review: Doomdark’s Revenge: The Icemark Chronicles

Somehow, despite being even shorter and rushing through even fewer events, Doomdark’s Revenge: The Icemark Chronicles seems to fit together somewhat better than The Lords of Midnight: The War of the Solstice. Not that it’s really worth reading on its own, or that there’s any shred of depth or development, plus that the writing style […]

Quick Review: The Lords of Midnight: The War of the Solstice

This is clearly intended to serve as the backstory for the game, not to be a novella to read on its own. Taken like that, as something that would belong in the manual of a game from those days, it definitely does its job and then some. But I didn’t read it because I’m just […]

Quick Review: The Vile Realm

Considering how simple, for lack of a better term, the previous two books are, I most definitely didn’t expect the adventures of Marigold the barbarian to continue in this manner! I mean, The Vile Realm is actual fantasy, it takes place over two worlds, or perhaps even three, and hints at many others, some of […]

Review: Kindred Straits

Full disclosure: I received Kindred Straits for free, in a giveaway, but this hasn’t in any way influenced the opinions expressed in this review. Since this is the first book in a series that’s a prequel for another, those who have read The Sum of Ages will have background information that I didn’t, and definitely […]