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Quick Review: Ali and Nino

Another classic, so of course I didn’t like it. Didn’t particularly dislike it either, but that was mainly due to giving it the benefit of the doubt, first because I don’t know how much was lost in the Romanian translation I read. There were even a number of typos and obvious mistakes, but I also […]

Quick Review: Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection

Sanderson states that the connection between his works is most notable in this collection, but the stories still stand on their own. And that’s mostly true, and a relief. Even if an epic of epics wouldn’t be too much in itself, I don’t and won’t care for some of his works and don’t want to […]

Quick Review: Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization

Read it just to pick something from the Library’s poor environmental section, but the timing’s somewhat interesting, since the Plan’s target was 2020 and you can see how the situation worsened because very little was done. Many problems are correctly identified and in some ways we’re even worse off than anticipated. I particularly liked the […]

Quick Review: The Count of Monte Cristo

Yes, it‘s a classic, belonging to a different age… And showing once again why I stay away from them. What pretentious, convoluted, drawn out, pointless prose. What overly theatrical speech and behaviors. What obvious plots that all, as in the hero at first and the villains later, never suspect and unerringly fall for. For that […]

Quick Review: Planescape: Torment (2011 Novelization)

This really is a novelization, a lot of effort being made to go through the game as it’s played, going way beyond merely describing and attempting to make events flow more naturally. There is a lot of added writing, and much of it is actually really, really good, greatly improving an already great story. The […]