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The Role of Sex in a Relationship

This post has been sitting in my drafts for the past four and a half years, at first being meant to be based on three studies regarding the sexual behavior of people of various ages who are in long-term relationships. That never got written, so I meant to give it another shot some two years […]

BDSM and Domestic Violence

The title says BDSM, but this post will mainly focus on the domination aspect of it, and I’m just talking about the relationship between a dominant and a submissive, won’t even go into master and slave relationships. I should also point out from the beginning that what I’m trying to say is not that this […]


Jealousy is a concept I could never understand. I believe I can explain what mix of elements are responsible for creating it, what makes it take roots, but I can’t understand why do people allow it to grow and flourish. And I find the large number of people who believe that jealousy is proof of […]


The results of several studies related to romantic relationships have been released for Valentine’s Day and, while they generally only say things everybody already knows, I want to comment on one of them. It’s not the one about love blinding people, which received quite a bit of media attention, but one that supposedly shows that […]

Valentine’s Day

You guessed it, I hate it! Big business trying to make money off everything, including love, be it real or fake. Why do you need a special day to treat your significant other especially well? And why do you need to prove your feelings with things that you buy? What ever happened to simply doing […]