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Change, Evolution and People Growing Apart

I was just thinking about how so many say that people change and evolve and it’d be really sad if they stayed the same. I firmly disagree with that, I think that if you change who you appear to be then either who you were before was nothing but a mask or who you are […]

The Chemistry of Settling Down

Another flawed study, but food for thought. Since we know testosterone is mainly responsible for a person’s sex drive and also for the “hunter” instinct when it comes to sexual partners, wishing for others either instead of or on top of the existing one(s), a few interesting speculations can be made. If married men have […]

Polyamory – II

I’ve been meaning to write this since the day I “moved in” here and if this won’t make me do it then nothing will… Before I start, have to mention that I wrote the first post on the topic years ago. Imagine a world where bleeding hearts will get healed, not broken. A world where […]

Polyamory – I

Relationships in more than two… Aside from the religious limitations (excepting religions and cults that demand celibacy, I think only Christianity limits the number of people in a relationship to 2), why wouldn’t they be socially accepted? Before you jump at my throat, I should mention that the idea came to me after reading something […]

“I’m Sorry…”

I’m bothered by that “I’m sorry” said after a break up that isn’t too ugly but wasn’t agreed upon by both partners either. Either way it’s said and however many explanations would be offered, it insults the intelligence of the person it’s addressed to. Saying that I’m not speaking of the ugly break ups I […]