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Whenever We’ll Stop Changing the Clock, I Hope We’ll Stay at the Summer Time…

If last year it was pretty much the only reason why I went to bed at all before the marathon, the clock going back is proving quite useful for me for the second year in a row, this time because it provides me both the topic for this week’s second post and the time to […]

Romania’s Consumer Protection Authority Bans Nutri-Score Labels

Our National Consumer Protection Authority (ANPC) has been complaining about Nutri-Score labels for the past couple of years, but now they went one step, or more exactly one leap, further and actually banned them! A law that would have made such labels mandatory was submitted earlier this year, but in June it was rejected by […]

Jobs That Nobody Wants Are a Bad Excuse to Still Require People to "Earn a Living"

When someone makes a comment about moving to a post-work future, you get the usual reactions. Some mention laziness, even though on the one hand that has nothing to do with it and on the other many, many people who currently work cause more harm that way than if they’d just sit at home and […]

At Least Ukraine’s National Day Was More or Less "Normal"…

Of course, the term isn’t one that can in any way apply to the situation, but for lack of a better one, it is something of a relief that The National Day of Ukraine, which was also the day marking six months since the start of this invasion, was more or less “normal”. Admittedly, the […]

Considering Russia’s Actions, Can Anyone Still Support Nuclear Energy?

Not that there was any need for further reasons why nuclear energy is a bad idea and even the existing plants must be phased out as soon as possible, but when you see the very real concerns that Russia’s current tactics in Ukraine may lead to a nuclear disaster and the way in which they […]