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Can We Dismiss the Mirage That the Mainstream Can Ever Solve the Environmental Crisis?

John Kerry’s statement that half of the necessary emissions cuts will come from unspecified technological fixes that are yet to be invented and people won’t need to change their way of life to cut emissions should put to rest any hopes so many had that the solution for the environmental crisis, or for any other […]

Measures Work, Trends Are Good, But This Relaxation Is Likely Premature

A month ago, things looked bad over here, but then our authorities actually implemented some good measures, which made a significant difference for the vaccination campaign, the vaccination marathons and drive-in centers being successful even beyond expectations and the fact that now people can just show up at any vaccination center and get vaccinated as […]

Record Daily Deaths and Some Good Measures

It was coming for a while, and today it finally happened: The new record number of COVID-19 deaths reported in one day in Romania now stands at 237, smashing that previous value of 213, reported on December 8. Yes, it’s on a Tuesday, when the numbers tend to be higher because they reflect the tests […]

New Measures, Missing Measures and Maybe a Call to Action

Last week I was saying that I was putting off a post about the new measures being taken here, and the idea was to post it once the infection rate in Bucharest will exceed the new highest threshold, 7.5, and the measures which currently apply Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as it happens when the infection […]

Worldview in a Paragraph for Avaaz…

Throwing this here to have a quick first post of the week, to free the slot for the personal one that’s coming, so I won’t have to actually write something about the new measures being enacted here as the health system is again being crushed by the increase in cases, and mainly in severe cases, […]