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What Must Environmentalists Block, Crash, Throw and Burn to Be Heard?

It seems that, if environmentalists block roads with their own bodies, crash sport or business events, or throw food or paint on well-protected artworks, in order to demand changes that might just still offer a chance to have a livable future on this planet, they’re vandals and criminals that lose the support of the rest […]

The European Union Aims to Limit Cash Transactions

Three months ago, I was somewhat relieved when the European Central Bank submitted an opinion in which it stressed the importance of the continued availability of cash payments and actually requested a ban on “no cash” policies, and of course also by the ECB’s page about the role of cash, which does a really good […]

Humanity Seems to Need Losers More Than Winners

This was initially just meant to be a very quick post about the next Artemis missions getting delayed, pretty much limited to yet again pointing out that we, even as a species, still can’t seem to manage to do something that we could do 55 years ago, and that even the country that did it […]

The European Central Bank’s Support of Cash Is Somewhat Relieving

While the matter was pretty widely reported here, mainly in relation to the fact that restricting cash payments quite severely is part of a package of measures that our government is pushing through, it seems difficult to find articles in English, on sites that don’t restrict access, that mention an opinion submitted by the European […]

People Who Stay Awake on Weeknights Are Probably More Interesting…

In my first blog post, as in the first one written after actually deciding to have a blog, at the time in both English and Romanian and on three different platforms, so not including the old posts that were originally posted on Kiwibox, I was saying that real life is lived at night. And I […]