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Farewell, Andrei Gheorghe

Last evening, former radio and TV show host Andrei Gheorghe was found dead in his bathroom, at the age of 56. Apparently he had been dead since morning and the death seems to have had natural causes, his heart failing for good after having had problems with it for a while, including previous heart attacks. […]

European Parliament Resolution on Improving Product Durability

Stumbled into a press release about a resolution aimed at promoting “a longer product lifespan, in particular by tackling programmed obsolescence for tangible goods and for software” adopted by the European Parliament, which includes a number of interesting proposals. Not that they mean much of anything if not enforced, of course, and even if they […]

Don’t Live a "Normal Life"

No. Just refuse. Don’t go through formal education, don’t get a job, don’t get married, most definitely don’t have children, don’t rent your home, don’t share it with others unless they’re the people you absolutely want to live with no matter what, don’t take loans, don’t use credit cards, don’t buy a car, don’t watch […]

National Geographic Is Now Controlled By Fox!

As you probably already know, National Geographic and Fox recently announced “expanding their partnership”, which so far only involved the National Geographic television channels, to create a new for-profit entity named National Geographic Partners, which will operate all of National Geographic’s “media and consumer-oriented assets”, the list including the television channels, as well as “magazines, […]

Physical and Mental Tools

Earlier this month, after exchanging a few messages with someone and then going to take a shower, I ended up posting a small stream of shower thoughts on Facebook. The idea was just to post this quickly somewhere, while I could still remember how to put at least the general idea into words, and then […]