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Physical and Mental Tools

Earlier this month, after exchanging a few messages with someone and then going to take a shower, I ended up posting a small stream of shower thoughts on Facebook. The idea was just to post this quickly somewhere, while I could still remember how to put at least the general idea into words, and then […]

The Market and Consumers Support Planned Obsolescence and Resource Waste

The post’s title says “support”, but in fact it’d be more accurate to say that these concepts are enforced, and forced upon the relatively few who’d truly want something different without being wealthy enough not to care which way the market goes. The numbers I’m going to use are simply meant to illustrate this point […]

On Freedom of Expression

With this topic being so frequently brought up lately, including by some who are worse threats to it than those they claim to want to defend it from, I’ll just quickly state my position once again. I did it last week as well and this post isn’t exactly meant to be more detailed, but it […]

A Lesson from Ahmed Merabet

Many have already pointed this out, some expressing and explaining it far better than I ever could, but I must also add my voice and state that, if we are to remember and learn one thing in the wake of the Paris attack, that lesson must come from the sacrifice of Ahmed Merabet, the Muslim […]

Three Things to Change in Cities

A site from here recently asked people what are the top three changes they’d make in Bucharest. Exactly where the question was, I couldn’t say, since I just saw the article publishing a selection of answers last night, but that of course made me comment with my own answer as well and now I thought […]