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The ICC’s Arrest Warrant for Putin Remains a Nice Surprise Despite Not Meaning Much

I definitely didn’t expect The International Criminal Court to issue an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin before, or without, Russia’s defeat, so this was quite a nice surprise despite not really meaning much when Russia doesn’t recognize the ICC and Putin isn’t likely to travel to any of the states that signed the Rome Statute… […]

Russia Being Declared a State Sponsor of Terrorism… Means Nothing…

When I heard that the European Parliament voted to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, I was definitely surprised, and very pleasantly so, not just because I didn’t expect such a decisive stance to be formally adopted, but also because it seemed to come pretty much out of nowhere, considering how hard it seems […]

Russia Abandoning Kherson for the Long Game and China’s Increasing Threat

That Ukraine retook Kherson is, of course, excellent news. However, the fact that they did so without an actual battle, after the Russian troops retreated, clearly shows that Russia is playing the long game, regrouping, digging in, trying to ensure that they won’t be pushed back even farther and preparing for even worse attacks. And […]

May I Wish Putin’s 70th Birthday to Be His Last as a Free Man?

Since Putin turns 70 today, apparently choosing to “celebrate” with an informal summit of former Soviet republics, probably as a laughable attempt to counter the first meeting of the European Political Community, since otherwise the festivities were unusually muted, may I take the opportunity to wish for it to be his last as a free […]

Russia May Be Worried But the Need to Act Is Greater… About Both Putin and Erdogan

I wonder if Russia shutting down gas flows through Nord Stream 1 indefinitely and then even spelling out the terms of the blackmail, not that such a statement was needed, right after Ukraine began its counteroffensive is a sign of how worried they are, possibly thinking that they will no longer be in a position […]