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Putin’s Terrible But the Worse Enemies Are Here

If this wouldn’t have been the pattern all along, and if he wouldn’t have been such a firm supporter of the status quo and of the big players who profit from it at the expense of everyone and everything else all along, propped up solely by good PR and the fact that the notable alternatives […]

We See Trump’s Terrible Legacy, But It Could Have Been So Much Worse

Biden’s “we had a horrible plague, followed by two years of Covid” quip and the current revelations about one major element of Trump’s legacy seeming about to make its effects felt in a terrible way made me spare more than a passing thought to how much of a relief it is that Trump isn’t still […]

The West’s Cowardice, Russia’s Audacity and Worthless Treaties

After seeing Russia’s nauseating celebration of eight years since the annexation of Crimea, I stumbled into a good article about the failure of The Budapest Memorandum and its implications. What it shows is that the Western powers were as hesitant, or more exactly as cowardly, back then as well, wording it in a way that […]

NATO and the EU Continue to Embarrass Themselves Before Russia

It’s not just that they don’t respect the Olympic Truce, but Russia seems to make a point of violating it specifically, and just when either they or China, their key allies, are the hosts. I mean, the war with Georgia was during the 2008 Summer Olympics in China, the annexation of Crimea, and the start […]

Wrong, Joe: Nation Building Is Exactly What the Mission in Afghanistan Should Have Been

With this blog basically being reduced to little more than a personal diary for years, I haven’t been posting about current events and no longer even really think of trying unless one provides too good of an opportunity to throw a quick non-personal post here and therefore free a “slot” for another personal one, and […]