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Wrong, Joe: Nation Building Is Exactly What the Mission in Afghanistan Should Have Been

With this blog basically being reduced to little more than a personal diary for years, I haven’t been posting about current events and no longer even really think of trying unless one provides too good of an opportunity to throw a quick non-personal post here and therefore free a “slot” for another personal one, and […]

Immediate Disaster Averted, Continuing on the Path to Disaster Ensured

Now that there’s a clear result and the margin of Biden’s victory is even greater than it seemed before, I just want to say that this isn’t good news. It’s by far less bad news for the world than a continued Trump presidency and Republican leadership in general would have been, definitely, but if that […]

Brexit Is Now a Reality…

Just under three hours ago, Brexit truly became a reality. Yes, the rest of the year will be a transitional period and pretty much all the details are still up for discussion, and some less terrible things may yet come out of this mess, but I have been one of those who… Well, can’t exactly […]

After These Results, Pushing Brexit Through Won’t Even Be the Worst of It

British voters are unfortunately giving me something to write about once again, and if three and a half years ago I could also see a possible somewhat positive outcome, however unlikely it was, that’s definitely not the case now. Yes, this Conservative majority will push Brexit through, which is absolutely terrible in itself, likely the […]

Keeping the Current Evil in Office to Keep the Greater One Out, Easier than Ever

As it was certain to happen, Klaus Iohannis easily defeated Viorica Dancila, being elected for a second term with about two thirds of the votes, Dancila’s sole goal having been to get that second place and advance, which she managed much more easily than anticipated. If you exclude 1990, this makes the result comparable only […]