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Trump and the War Ahead

For those who had so far somehow managed to delude themselves that maybe it won’t really happen after all and those naive enough to still hold some hope that maybe it won’t be that bad, today must have marked quite a “well, shit, they weren’t kidding” moment. I mean, I’d think that even for the […]

Turkey Is Lost

I’ve been wondering how to title this post since late Friday night, when it became clear that the attempted coup in Turkey will fail, but I’d say this is short, simple and accurate enough. Sure, military rule can never be desirable and a coup usually works out dreadfully, Egypt now being clear and obvious recent […]

Quick Thoughts After the Brexit Vote

Woke up to a different world today, after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. That’s history in the making, but unfortunately, considering what is currently known about how things will play out, in terrible and terrifying ways. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, not only in the sense that the […]

How to Anger People and Lose Elections, PSD Style

On November 2, 14 candidates entered the first round of presidential elections here. However, it was always obvious that vote would be rather pointless, as the top two, namely Victor Ponta, who’s the current Prime Minister and the candidate of the Social Democrats (PSD) and their Conservative (PC) and so-called Progressive (UNPR) allies, and Klaus […]

Why You Should Vote This Week

The European elections will take place between May 22 and 25, the exact date being chosen by each member state, and past experience teaches us that the interest and turnout will unfortunately be low in most cases. Under these circumstances, I thought I’d briefly state my arguments in favor of voting, especially considering the fact […]