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2012 Romanian Parliamentary Elections

I’ll start from a summary I found on Realitatea of an article from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Actually, you can find both this summary in an article about international press reactions to the results and another article with some direct quotes from the original piece, so I’ll try to put the two together while still removing […]

The United States Elections, Beyond the President: Ballot Measures

What everyone knows is that this Tuesday, United States citizens elected their president for the next four years, some 98.5% of those who even bothered to vote completely ignoring any options that might have represented actual solutions and making their choice only between the two major evils, ultimately picking the lesser one by a much […]

Good and Bad News: Romania’s Four Green and Ecologist Parties Join Forces

In a very surprising and perhaps downright shocking turn of events, three of the parties known to have a green or ecologist doctrine in Romania have organized a press conference yesterday to announce their merger, with the Romanian Ecologist Party (PER) also mentioning in passing that they had merged with the Romanian Ecologist Union (UER), […]

Looking for Solutions? Forget Obama and Try Jill Stein

With the United States presidential election approaching, the eyes of the world tend to turn in the direction of US politics even more than usual, with every person who at least occasionally tends to use their brain to think a little being very worried about the possibility of the Republicans returning to power. However, the […]

Basescu Returns to Office for Now

As it was entirely expected by anyone who thought things through and was neither blinded by nor forced into USL’s rhetoric, our Constitutional Court ruled that the referendum was invalid, so Traian Basescu can return to office. Obviously, since four judges were already determined to vote this way and there was no way for the […]