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Realistically, odds are that there’s no such thing as magic, there are no deities or similar higher entities actually willing and able to directly influence our lives, our thoughts don’t have palpable effects on their own, prayers don’t get answered, wishes don’t get granted, there is no grand design and no purpose outside the one […]

Atheism Is a Religion

I keep running into people who claim that being Atheists automatically makes them rational, while those who, as they say, have any sort of religious beliefs are not. I find that to be a very strange statement, seeing as, for all practical purposes, Atheism is a religion like any other. (You probably also noticed that […]

Isaac Bonewits Passed Away

Isaac Bonewits passed away this morning at the age of 60, after losing the battle with a rare form of colon cancer that he was diagnosed with last autumn. For those who do not know, I’m talking about likely one of the greatest and certainly one of the most influential Neopagan scholars, though perhaps a […]

It’s Ritual Sacrifice Even If It’s Not a Priest Holding the Knife

Over here it’s traditional to eat lamb on Easter, just like it’s traditional to eat pork on Christmas. Which of course implies a large number of those animals being slaughtered just before the respective holidays, some of them in very public places, either actual markets or areas that temporarily become markets, so the meat will […]

If You’d Go Back Far Enough…

This post was originally meant to be just a brief comment about the impact of The Da Vinci Code, the reaction religious authorities had to it and how that made it even more believable, though the author originally said it’s just a work of fiction. Then Zeitgeist was noticed by the media and they ended […]