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Placebo Religions

I find it very disheartening when it’s so obvious that a religion has been, if not created just for that purpose, at least turned into a sort of therapy without a therapist. And unfortunately most, if not all, are just that, at least if you ask most of their followers and analyze their answers. I’m […]

The New Seven Sins

There might be an epidemic going around, because after the new seven wonders we have the new seven sins. The Vatican decided it’s about time to update the list by adding seven more sins that, in their view, send a soul on a one-way trip to Hell. Of course, confession is still the panacea. Screw […]

"The Soul You’re Trying to Reach Is Momentarily Unavailable. Please Try Again Later… Much Later…"

This is something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time and I think it’s quite suitable to write about it on Samhain. How can Pagans believe in reincarnation but at the same time say they can get in touch with the spirit of any deceased person or that they expect those spirits to manifest […]

Challenging Belief

I read an essay a while ago on The Witches’ Voice and meant to write my answers to the questions included in it right then, but I didn’t get around to it. Then, while thinking about what I should include in this series of posts about my beliefs, I remembered it and eventually put the […]

The Lost Tomb of Jesus – II

I finally watched the documentary, so I have to follow up on my earlier post on the matter. For further reference, just check out the official site. Need to make some corrections first. Apparently, due to a mix of my poor short-term memory and what got distorted in the media, I was under the impression […]