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Earth Hour 2023

It seems that it’s been ten years since I last wrote a post specifically for Earth Hour, and back then I was turning everything off during that hour, while last year I didn’t even actually observe it. But last year I’d say that I did something better, or at least made up for it, since […]

Earth Overshoot Day 2022

It’s somewhat strange that I only wrote about Earth Overshoot Day once, back in 2016. Not that it’s a particularly important event in itself, and in fact it continues to make the situation appear less desperate than it actually is, the project’s authors remaining guilty of quite an optimism bias and the results being far […]

Wrongly Approached Earth Day 2022 Theme and Noteworthy IEA Reports

It seems that this year Earth Day is flying rather under the radar, but that’s neither surprising nor, in this particular case and in my view, that much of a problem. Of course, in general, every day should be Earth Day and marking one specific date in the calendar for this purpose shouldn’t make much […]

Wasting the Current Opportunity Makes for a Hopeless World Environment Day

Yes, today is World Environment Day, and I should be posting something about it. With this year’s topic being biodiversity, I probably should in fact be posting something specifically about that. But I guess everyone else will, and some might even move past that completely unreasonable optimism that makes most keep saying that the doomsday […]

Little Reason for Hope, But Information Campaigns May Buy Some Time

I kept saying I’ll write a post about what should be done to tackle the far more important environmental and social crises, now that we know drastic measures can be taken and the economy can be negatively affected and even individual rights and freedoms can be restricted when we recognize that a crisis exists and […]