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A Step Towards Criminalizing Ecocide… Maybe… If You Can Trust the EU…

Yesterday, so on the same day when it once again proved how little it truly cares for either public health or the environment by unilaterally renewing the approval for glyphosate for another ten years, the EU decided to criminalize environmental damage “comparable to ecocide”, though the text itself doesn’t actually include the term and excludes […]

So Much for the Trialogue Fixing the Nature Restoration Law…

Back when an awfully weak form of the Nature Restoration Law was adopted by the European Parliament, there were some hopes that the trialogue will bring some improvements, but that hardly happened. I mean, getting rid of the result-based approach and asking for “efforts” and “measures which shall aim to achieve” the desired results means […]

At Least the Destruction of the Deep Ocean Wasn’t Yet Approved

Considering how things are going and how hard it is for anything even remotely positive to pass, I fully expected deep-sea mining to be given the green light these days, despite the opposition going beyond environmentalists, scientists and communities that would be directly impacted by it and growing to include financial institutions, corporations and powerful […]

If Even Awfully Weak Regulations Barely Pass Despite Such Extreme Weather…

Sure, the fact that the European Parliament did adopt the Nature Restoration Law counts as good news and a step in the right direction. However, despite the massive campaign in favor of this law and all of the recent records and extreme weather events that should act as palpable evidence of the climate crisis, what […]

Earth Hour 2023

It seems that it’s been ten years since I last wrote a post specifically for Earth Hour, and back then I was turning everything off during that hour, while last year I didn’t even actually observe it. But last year I’d say that I did something better, or at least made up for it, since […]