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Earth Overshoot Day 2016

Earth Overshoot Day falls on August 8 this year, five days sooner than last year and 11 days sooner than in 2014. Which actually rather contradicts the official press release, which states that the date has moved up by an average of less than one day per year for the past five years, and there […]

The Dirty Investments of Major Environmental Organizations

This will be a real rush job and in fact I originally had another quick rant in mind, but I noticed an article last night that should probably be read and taken into consideration by more people. Not that the matter of certain major environmental organizations having certain financial interests that, on closer inspection, don’t […]

Green Warriors: Still 103 too Many…

As anyone interested should know by now, the Japanese whalers announced their worst result since the start of their annual “scientific” campaign, namely that they only managed to kill 103 minke whales out of their self-allocated quota of 935 minke, 50 fin and 50 humpback whales. Obviously, they blamed Sea Shepherd for this, which is […]

Another Earth Hour

As every year, I’ll observe Earth Hour as fully as possible this evening as well, by turning off and unplugging everything in my room, seeing as I always keep the lights off unless absolutely needed. In fact, this year I’ll probably have the computer off for more than an hour, seeing as I once again […]

Green Warriors: Is This the End of Japan’s Whale Slaughter?

There will be a lot of talking about this, Japan will most likely present an entirely different version of events, courts, judges and many lawyers will most probably be involved, possibly some international bodies as well, but for the moment the most information about what happened today is coming from Sea Shepherd and, while I […]