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The Entirely Expected Failure of the Rio+20 Summit

A week ago, I was briefly listing my top five demands regarding environmental issues, which are not negotiable and would be the shortest list I’d put on the table with the occasion of any meeting or conference dealing with such problems, such as the Rio+20 Summit. Obviously, they’re also courses of action that’ll never even […]

My Short List of Demands from the Rio+20 Summit

The Rio+20 Summit is starting next week and I thought I might as well write a short list of personal demands. To make everything simpler and clearer, I have also decided to follow a suggestion that I have seen given to those who have taken part in the recent protests, namely to put forward a […]

Green Warriors: May 23 – S.O.S. Day (Save Our Skipper)

The good news is that Paul Watson has been granted bail on Friday and released from prison yesterday. The bad news is that the extradition process continues and, if Costa Rica will submit the required paperwork within 90 days and the German Minister of Justice will not intervene to dismiss the case as politically motivated, […]

Green Warriors: Paul Watson Facing Extradition

I’ve been following up on the story of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society‘s captain Paul Watson‘s recent arrest in Germany, hoping to be able to write a brief post about his release. Unfortunately, the situation developed in the opposite direction and a preliminary extradition warrant has been requested instead, which turns this post into a call […]

Earth Day 2012

As I tend to do each year, with the exception of the last one when I didn’t even do this much, I just want to remind everyone that today is Earth Day. Not that it means much in itself, since not much can get done in a single day, but every little bit can help […]