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Monthly Archive December, 2018

New Finds – XIV

When I wrote the previous post in this series, I definitely didn’t think I’ll add another by the end of the year and get to those planned 15 bands included this year, but here I am, adding it now. Whether anyone reading will consider this post as including four bands or just two, it’ll still […]

Review: Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic

Shadow Magic is the last game in the “classic” part of the Age of Wonders series and intended as a direct sequel to The Wizard’s Throne. For the most part, anyone who played the previous game will immediately find it familiar, in both good and bad ways. However, there have been changes and additions, some […]

Finally Finishing Shadow Magic and Wandering Around, Mostly Pointlessly

Seem to be having some issues at the moment, including repeated ones with my Internet access at night, but I’d rather just catch up instead, starting with yesterday’s run. Only went out at 3:50 PM, but days are getting longer now and it was sunny too, so light wasn’t a problem, and neither was the […]

Roland Garros Remains the Only Major Tennis Tournament

Already said what I had to say on the matter two months ago, after the announcement that Wimbledon will introduce final set tie-breaks, albeit only at 12-12, so this will just be a quick post, but couldn’t fail to mention that now a similar announcement was made by Australian Open as well, and on short […]

Slow Run, Another Game Won, Another Book Read

This week’s run was yesterday and it was a bad one, the time being 49:55, with sector times of 4:32, 5:20, 6:08, 4:42, 5:13, 6:02, 4:42, 5:17, 6:10 and 1:49, making for lap times of 16:00, 15:57 and 16:09. That’s the slowest I’ve been since that first run after the flu, in March, and other […]