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Monthly Archive January, 2019

(Probably) Final Efforts to Reestablish Contact with Opportunity

15 years after landing and seven and a half months after last contact, the team is making what is likely the final push in the effort to reestablish contact with Opportunity. Since she failed to send as much as a beep in the months since the conditions should have allowed her to once again charge […]

Catching Up, After Finishing Treatment, Now Let’s See…

Finished the treatment yesterday and don’t like how I woke up today, but it’s too soon to say whether the symptoms will actually reappear and I should really get around to writing about the flu and doctors, even more so since Wednesday I finished the book and wrote the quick review, leaving me even more […]

Quick Review: The Lady of the Lake

As I was saying about The Tower of the Swallow as well, The Lady of the Lake is often confusing, flitting between a patchwork of times and places, switching points of view, not giving the characters room and sometimes leaving the reader with something of a puzzle to put together. However, though there’s something to […]

Finishing with the Other Stuff, Still Leaving the Flu, Doctors and Computer

In this post I’ll put some of the stuff I didn’t include in the previous one, but still leave out the stuff about the computer, even though I meant to include it at first, and definitely that about the flu and, with the exception of the x-ray, doctors. Have another appointment Monday evening anyway, albeit […]

Runs, Game, Book and Deposit, Leaving Flu, Doctors and Computer for Later

There’d be a lot to cover in this post and I won’t do it, but I will start with today, when I finally ran again, after skipping last week. Since I still have quite some way to go with the treatment, though the obvious symptoms are just about gone, I expected a poor time, but […]