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Monthly Archive March, 2019

New Second Bests for Both 16 and Ten Kilometers

This will be long, and I wrote it over two days, despite leaving the Botanical Garden part, where I volunteered again on March 24, for another time. Also considered taking part in an event to clean up a certain area of the city, this morning, but decided against it. And when I started writing it […]

Copyright Directive Approved; Fight Continues

Well, shit. The European Parliament approved the Copyright Directive in full. Despite all the efforts, the result of the vote was a pretty comfortable 348 to 274, with 36 abstentions. However, the proposal to open the text for amendments, which could have led to the removal of articles 11 and 13, or 15 and 17 […]

Last Days to Fight the European Union’s Plan to Destroy the Internet

Kept thinking that there should be a blackout as part of this final action week, but didn’t stumble upon such an announcement until Wednesday evening, at which point I just quickly threw something together and uploaded it directly, as announcing it just before doing it would have served no purpose. So I’m posting this quick […]

Personal View of Lost Internet Communities and Platforms

Saturday evening I noticed The Guardian‘s call for submissions about lost on-line platforms and communities and I ended up writing two lengthy pieces, first just thinking of communities and ways to talk to people, then realizing that the form actually mentions platforms and that may mean more than communities, so I launched into an even […]

Quick Review: Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark

Finally, this expansion showed what could truly be done with the Neverwinter Nights engine and toolset. Good story, touching on many parts of the lore, varied events and locations, creativity… There were elements that even reminded me of Planescape: Torment, which must count for something. The henchmen are more developed as well, Aribeth quite obviously […]