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Monthly Archive March, 2019

A New Second Time for Ten Kilometers

Received a notification that my site will be moved to a different server on the evening of March 15, as part of a regular maintenance and upgrade program, and that copying everything from one server to another is likely to take several hours, with the switch being made once it’s all done, the data on […]

Need to Finish Adding Old BookCrossing Reviews…

It was almost four years ago that I posted about finishing copying my old reviews from BookCrossing to Goodreads, but while that last batch was copied here as well, most of those copied there earlier are still not here, and adding them is now my only chance to be able to stick to that last […]

Under 1:45 Over a Half Marathon Distance!

Went to the Library after waking up today, to return that movie which I had picked up for dad, walking there and back, and been trying to persuade myself to write this since I got back. Have no clue what the week’s second post will be, but I guess I’ll need to throw something on […]

Back to Lords of Xulima, More Heavy Stuff, Another Small Protest

Seems like I ended up getting back to Lords of Xulima after all, Sunday. What a sudden stop that was, with the last save being made at 4:21 AM on September 26, the difference in playing time from the previous one showing that I had played for quite a few hours that day, and then […]