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Monthly Archive April, 2019

Quick Review: Sword, Steam and Sky: Four Book Fantasy Bundle

The inclusion of To Walk in the Way of Lions makes it an unusual bundle in a positive way, including more than one series and not just the first book of each, so I rounded up the overall rating for that reason. Nothing else to say about the bundle itself other than the fact that […]

Quick Review: Cold Stone & Ivy: The Ghost Club

Note: The review refers to the edition included in Sword, Steam and Sky: Four Book Fantasy Bundle. The final chapters of this book, starting from 42, and possibly also including 40 to some extent, are actually quite good. Better writing, closer to what I’ve come to expect from the author, better action, impact, characters a […]

Another Game Won and a Day Lost

Noticing that I’m doing the squats somewhat differently when I time them and push for speed, and it may be a worse way. Probably not by much though, and the effort sure is significant, and I do keep managing great times when I do time, so I’ll keep it up as a way to maintain […]

BirthStrikers Show Hopelessness, Antinatalists for Environmental and Social Reasons Need Not

When I first saw an article about BirthStrikers, I meant to share it and praise them after reading the title, then changed my mind completely and considered them another facet of what’s wrong in the world when I reached that part about not wanting to discourage people from having children or condemn those who do. […]

Under 1:16 for 16 Kilometers, Little Protest, Mouse Issues, Receiving Another Game

Obtaining the fastest time over 16 kilometers on the way to covering a half marathon distance and not even having a picture of it as proof couldn’t stand, right? So, the goal of yesterday’s run was to improve, the target times adding up to 1:16:40, though I also allowed for 1:16:45 and would have even […]