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Monthly Archive April, 2019

Quick Review: Season of Storms

Must start with the fact that the writing style and structure are once again better, not at the level of Time of Contempt or Baptism of Fire but definitely moving away from what made Tower of the Swallow and Lady of the Lake confusing and hard to follow, and gave characters so little chance to […]

Seven Seconds Faster Over Ten Kilometers

This week’s run was Wednesday, and the time was 46:32, beating the previous record for ten kilometers by seven seconds! Sector times were 4:12, 4:58, 5:36, 4:22, 4:53, 5:41, 4:23, 4:53, 5:46 and 1:48, making for lap times of 14:46, 14:56 and 15:02. But this time around I actually have every single exact time as […]

More Days with No Visits and Catching Up: Botanical Garden and Baneasa Forest

To start with some more recent matters, yesterday I noticed that what had remained of those fig trees behind the building, after that woman tore most of them up last year, had been cut. Not completely, but the parts of trunks left likely have less than a meter, all being chopped at about the same […]

Quick Review: Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality

I’m not in a position to comment on the validity of the science and conclusions presented and don’t care enough to actively seek out the book written to refute them. I will, however, say that the vast majority of what’s presented here is irrelevant either way. The book itself states at one point that “natural” […]

New Record Over a Half Marathon Distance

Covered a half marathon distance again yesterday, and despite the conditions I managed a time of 1:42:52, beating the previous record by 1:12! Sector times were 4:19, 5:08, 5:48, 4:27, 4:55, 5:47, 4:26, 5:00, 5:50, 4:29, 5:05, 5:52, 4:32, 5:10, 5:59, 4:41, 5:17, 6:07, 1:53, 6:12 and 1:55, making for lap times of 15:15, 15:09, […]