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Monthly Archive May, 2019

Not Even a Real Time Under 1:45 at the 2019 Bucharest Half Marathon

Did get in bed at 3 AM, but it was well after 4 AM, probably even after 4:30 AM, when I managed to fall asleep… Only to wake up at 5:10 AM to pee. I think I briefly drifted off again at some point after that, but for mere minutes if so, since I was […]

Quick Review: Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis

Did Rice have to go where she did with this? No: Some parts about Bravenna seem out of place, some decisions and developments feel rushed and forced, and that also goes for these new beings suddenly becoming noticeable, and noticeably active, after having supposedly existed for so long. Also, not sure what to think about […]

Last Two Runs Before the 2019 Bucharest Half Marathon and Other Stuff

There will be some computer stuff to deal with after the half marathon, Monday actually being the last day when I can do some of it, but I’d rather not think about it until then. And, since I hadn’t noticed it happening again pretty much since I first mentioned it, my mouse had helped me […]

Walking the Route, Another Awkward Conversation, Leaving Runs for Later

As I was saying, walked the route of the half marathon yesterday to avoid the risk of rain… And ended up rained on anyway. It was sunny and actually felt hot, I saw no reason to take my jacket with me for later, but then a dark cloud came. I could see the end of […]

Quick Post Before Walking the Route

Should have written a post today, or yesterday, considering the time, but I saw the forecast for the start of next week and realized I’d better go and buy what I still wanted to have before the half marathon, and only got back at 9 PM. Could have still thrown something here then instead of […]