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Monthly Archive June, 2019

Dream Trek Summer Edition 2019

Friday the organizers put up the post about the event, which is in Romanian but includes plenty of pictures, though oddly enough not the group shot from the start, so I guess I should finally get to the part I skipped in the previous personal post, starting when I left, at 8 PM, and minutes […]

Quick Review: Dungeon Hunter III (MRE – Nokia 230)

Some nine months ago, I ended up playing this on my Nokia 230 after being tricked into purchasing it. The demo is limited to 90 seconds, without any timer being displayed, and as soon as the 90 seconds end, the purchase screen shows up, with the option to purchase selected, and the button to press […]

Before and After Dream Trek Summer Edition 2019

First, fired one of those final shots I have to keep the number of personal posts below that of non-personal ones, by copying one more of those old quick reviews, so now there are 31 left. Considered adding another quick game review, to make it an actual new post and get rid of the week’s […]

Spraying Room, Botanical Garden, Thinking of a Long Night Run

Though boxes and some other things are still under the desk, after vacuuming what can be said to be one side of the room on Sunday, finally dusted the bookcase and the books and put them back after eating last night. Switched a couple of books around on purpose and noticed I had placed a […]

Another Game from the Doc, Lost Cookies and Another Sector Record

Finally sprayed in my room Thursday and Friday, but the books are still on the floor and the boxes under and around the desk, so I can’t even sit here properly, and since I want to throw something here quickly to avoid another Sunday update, I’ll just stop Wednesday for now. The one exception I’ll […]