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Monthly Archive July, 2019

Bite, Embarrassment, Guilt, Botanical Garden, Shutting Down

This post will start right after the previous personal one, because I mentioned that bite on my shoulder to dad after coming back from the run and he told me to be careful with such things, which got me worried and thinking about tick bites, considering the rash around it. Looked up the symptoms, but […]

The Guilt of Being Alive

The particular event and the particular ways in which it made me feel even more acutely guilty of being alive and of the inherent negative impact of this is a matter for the next personal post, but I kept thinking of writing something about this guilt in itself and this is a good time to […]

Another Record, Deposit and Annoying Talk, and Back at the Botanical Garden

Wrote most of this Monday, but since I didn’t finish it then, waited until today, to be able to post today’s run as well. Had some of those wheat things to eat before going again, and the conditions seemed good enough, with a reported temperature of 28°C and not too much wind, but it’s really […]

Half a Century Since What May Well Be Mankind’s Greatest Achievement Yet

There’s little point in writing another post on this topic today, but I’ll nevertheless add at least a quick one to mark this anniversary of 50 years since what may well be mankind’s greatest achievement yet. Those looking for details, whether about the actual events, the celebrations or even plans for the future, such as […]

Quick Review: Din Negura Timpului (From the Mist of Time)

Still reads quickly, I finished it in three days without really trying, but mainly what saves this book somewhat, and what made me give these three stars, albeit under protest, is the action and some twists that have clearly been planned ahead and well. There are some moments that’d probably deserve more praise, if I […]