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Monthly Archive August, 2019

Syberia, Botanical Garden, Trouble with New Headphones and Old Glasses

I was quite surprised Wednesday evening, when I finished Syberia. Was quite sure that there will be one more area after the one I was in at the time, but that wasn’t the case, and the ending actually felt quite rushed. So I finished it then, and then quickly threw together a quick review as […]

Quick Review: Syberia

I gave up on adventure games pretty much completely more than 15 years ago, but found myself sort of curious to try this one ever since it was given away for free on GOG.com and now I did. And I was stubborn enough to never glance at a guide, figuring everything out on my own, […]

LED Tube, Botanical Garden, New Headphones

Slept poorly today, after Liza again started meowing like the feline equivalent of an abandoned puppy as soon as dad left, at 9:30 AM. With some dishes to wash and a note from dad asking me to give her some food too, I did that and then got on the computer and ended up submitting […]

Protest, Runs and Games, Including Another Gift

Since the previous post was about the August 10 protest, I should start this one with the personal notes about that day, when I had to walk there and back and somehow “managed” to go the wrong way on the way there. Meant to leave at 4 PM and take it easy, getting there around […]

A Year After August 10 – August 10 in Bucharest

A year after last year’s August 10 protest, people gathered in Victory Square again to demand a conclusion for the ongoing investigation and punishment for those responsible for the gendarmes’ intervention, and of course also to voice their current grievances, including those stemming from the handling of Alexandra’s case and the ensuing investigation. A small […]