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Monthly Archive September, 2019


This is another September 27 post actually written at night, but should still finish it early enough to still schedule it to be posted at the usual time instead of actually posting it just then, as it was two years ago. And I didn’t even need to make use of one of those old book […]

New Finds – XVI

I’ll just make a quick addition to this series, mainly to avoid needing to use another one of those old book reviews to get myself a “slot” for tonight’s post. Just three bands in this one, and only one of them an actual recent find, but that’s what I was left with after ending up […]

Bad Dream, Botanical Garden, Climate March, Recycling Kits

This will be another huge post, and I’ll actually start with the odds and ends, since leaving the important stuff for the end will ensure that I’ll put all of it in one post, even if I’ll write it over multiple days, since I have no buffer anymore and the week’s second post will be […]

A Fourth Year of Statistics After Starting Over

As the title states, this is just a post with the site’s statistics for the fourth year after I started over. Thinking to do that again after next year, which would mean another much more thorough post then, covering what will be these last five years, but for now, it’ll just be a regular statistics […]

Global Climate Strike – September 20 in Bucharest

Quite amazed by the turnout at yesterday’s march, despite the very low media attention and especially after the starting location was changed on short notice, the announcement that the march will start from the National Library instead of Cismigiu Park due to the authorities refusing the original plan being made Wednesday. Did see the announcement […]