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Monthly Archive October, 2019

New Finds – XVIII

It would appear that this need for non-personal posts does make me add more to this series, and this one actually reduces the number of bands not included in such posts despite only including three, because it would appear that the guy spamming the Power of Female Fronted Metal group, cross-posting stuff, got banned yesterday. […]

Bitdefender, New (Electronic) Books, Venetica and Two Runs

Last Friday I just quickly checked a few things after waking up and then finally restored the system from that older backup, also taking the opportunity to uninstall Flash after the updater supposedly ran twice but nothing happened, then reinstalled the updates and Venetica. Somewhat oddly, Comodo Firewall took issue with Venetica this time around […]

Facebook Redesign May Mark the End for Internet Explorer… And Not Only…

Meant to write this last week, but with the opportunity for another quick non-personal post so readily presenting itself, I put it off, though the changed notification made me worry that the redesign may be launched soon and the post will end up coming after the fact, which I wanted to avoid. But, despite leaving […]

Another Half Marathon Distance Before Turning 35

Turned 35 today, but that doesn’t mean much; just this ball of metal and rock that we keep trashing so dreadfully being pretty much in the same spot on its orbit as it was when I was unfortunately thrown onto it through no choice of my own one more time. May say that it’s a […]

International Day Against DRM 2019

Today is the International Day Against DRM, which should be a far, far bigger and better known event than it is, considering the plague that DRM has always been and how it keeps getting worse, adding ever more restrictions in ever more ways even for paying users and granting more and more control to the […]