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Monthly Archive November, 2019

Catching Up Before, I Hope, Planting Trees Again at Videle

Writing another post to catch up before, I hope, planting trees again, since if things will work out that way I’ll need to be up and out even earlier Saturday, so tomorrow I’m even more determined to try to sleep or at least stay in bed as much as possible. At least last week’s second […]

Keeping the Current Evil in Office to Keep the Greater One Out, Easier than Ever

As it was certain to happen, Klaus Iohannis easily defeated Viorica Dancila, being elected for a second term with about two thirds of the votes, Dancila’s sole goal having been to get that second place and advance, which she managed much more easily than anticipated. If you exclude 1990, this makes the result comparable only […]

Planting Trees at Vanatorii Mici

Yesterday I installed Kaspersky Anti-Virus, the installer still saying Comodo was incompatible with it but allowing me to continue without uninstalling it, and at the moment I see two errors about creating registry entries, don’t see any entries to make it run on startup and the active protection doesn’t seem to work locally, but web […]

New Finds – XIX

I’m continuing with the quick posts in this series as I keep trying to avoid needing to use more of those old book reviews to make room for more personal posts, and this one will be a particularly quick one if I’m to also post it before midnight and therefore make it this week’s second […]

Chest and Network Worries, More Vegetables for Plastic Bottles, Infuriating "Debate"

Something isn’t right, though I don’t know whether it’s something in my chest, which would be a serious problem, or a new effect of that bone spur on my spine, which has been acting up more lately. Either way, something feels wrong when I breathe, and it’s not new, having occasionally happened for months, if […]