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Monthly Archive December, 2019

Budget Protest, Reunion, Turmoil in USR and Demos

There were various events commemorating 30 years since the Revolution last weekend, but while there were various comments and reactions and a few shared posts, I wouldn’t say that any actual event was promoted or supported by the “old guard”, so I won’t say anything else about that here. Not that I’d have much to […]

Honey, Other Heavy Purchases and Being Fucked Up Again

Four years ago, I was writing a post about buying honey from this guy at the Christmas fair, and said post had “Honey” and “Being Fucked Up” in the title. Well, now I bought more honey from that same guy, also at the Christmas fair, and the post title includes those same terms. However, back […]

Network Worries Confirmed, Test Results, Even Faster Squats, Nose and a Reunion

Unfortunately, and frighteningly, my fears about the future of the network I’m in were proven correct on Thursday, when dad finally got around to calling the guy to meet and pay, after I pestered him about it for weeks. When they met, he was told that those health problems are serious and he can’t deal […]

Quick Review: Warbreaker

It’s unusual for me to even be able to stand a person, and next to impossible to actually like one, so finding characters infuriating, human or human-like ones in particular, tends to be the norm. Therefore, coming from me, it’s high praise to find it hard to name a character I disliked, and even more […]

After These Results, Pushing Brexit Through Won’t Even Be the Worst of It

British voters are unfortunately giving me something to write about once again, and if three and a half years ago I could also see a possible somewhat positive outcome, however unlikely it was, that’s definitely not the case now. Yes, this Conservative majority will push Brexit through, which is absolutely terrible in itself, likely the […]