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Monthly Archive February, 2020

Another Flu, Small Protest, Finishing The Way of Kings and Ascension to the Throne

The review for Ascension to the Throne should have been the week’s first post, but doubt I’d have managed to post it in time to avoid this becoming another Sunday update, so I’m writing the personal post first and then have to hope I’ll at least finish that by the end of the week. A […]

Quick Review: The Way of Kings

This is a masterpiece of worldbuilding, proving Sanderson a grandmaster. Elements can be seen in his other works, possibly tried, experimented with, but here they all come together to create a complete world, different from what the reader would be familiar with. Philosophy, religion, ethics and, perhaps most of all, prejudice are also tackled. That […]

Clean Air Protest, Starting to Prepare for the Half Marathon, Catching Something

Writing this in pieces again, and off-line, and a bigger problem is that I might have caught something, so I should probably spend more time in bed instead of doing this. Did stay there for over three and a half hours Tuesday evening, since I also felt like I had a bit of a fever, […]

Views on Population Following Greece’s Awful "Baby Bonus" Decision

After the dreadful “baby bonus” decision in Greece, The Guardian asked for views regarding population, and since that’s the topic I have the strongest views on, I of course couldn’t pass on that, and this post will be based on what I sent. Won’t be anything new, of course, as the only new element is […]

Lack of Reaction, Health Care and Air Pollution – February 4 and 14 in Bucharest

There were various other reactions, comments and on-line actions during this period, as well as in the days preceding the protest at the Ministry of Health, but I’ll just focus on the protests on February 4 and 14, though I only attended the latter. Still, I should at least briefly mention that, apparently on January […]