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Monthly Archive April, 2020

More SETI@home Tasks, Fees Even for Donations and Two Slow Runs

Since I finished this hours ago but can only post it after midnight, I’m using the file time. With that out of the way, I’ll start by saying that, after needing all of three days, April 19 to 21, to read Skykeep and also post the quick review for it, I mean to also go […]

Today Is the Earth Day That Falls on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

I wouldn’t even dare to hope to write something that’d be anywhere close to doing justice to a day that isn’t just Earth Day, but the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. I doubt it’s even possible, since there can be nothing more important for our species than the one planet we can live on, currently […]

Quick Review: Skykeep

Note: The review refers to the edition included in Free-Wrench Collection: Volume 1. Must say that, after what was in fact just a NaNoWriMo project laid an interesting foundation, I expected more from what should have been a proper sequel. Yes, the world remains interesting and a few more details are presented, but Skykeep is […]

A Huge Opportunity for Change… Unfortunately, Likely for the Worst

I keep meaning to write a post about the opportunity the current crisis offers to finally do what needs to be done to solve the major environmental and social problems caused by the behavior of humans, which are in fact far worse and more important than the crisis caused by the new coronavirus. Mentioned in […]

Avira Behaving Suspiciously and Minimal Gains on the New Route

To go in reverse chronological order, this afternoon I noticed that the water was quite brown, which made me wonder whether it had been like that when I made tea as well, one hour or so before noticing this, since I was rushing then and can’t really say that I looked. But since I drank […]